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Haterade's Idol Thoughts - 3/18/08

The person that Haterade selected get eliminated? Check. 2 out of the bottom 3 selected by Haterade this week at the bottom? Check. Does Haterade know who's probably leaving this week? Check.

After seeing the Idol hopefuls sing from the McCartney / Lennon Songbook last week, the producers have decided that they will sing...from the McCartney / Lennon Songbook this week as well. Hey, if you spent a lot of money on getting the rights to the book, and if most of your singers are rockers, you'd do the exact same thing. It wouldn't surprise me if we saw the book sometime down the road after this week as well. And as you can guess, the same people who did well last week should do well this week, while the people who floundered last time will likely do the same again. With that in mind, let's see the rankings...


David Hernandez

If you didn't think that being a gay stripper didn't have an impact, then you are seriously deluded. Being gay had a major impact. But what had an even bigger one was a forgettable song choice and an even worse performance of it. I was all ready to send Kristy Lee Cook packing until you showed up and gave us THAT. That's why I thought you were leaving over Kristy - and that's why I was right. Sorry, David.

Ranked in order of Opinion

Carly Smithson

Best performance of the night, hands down. We finally got to see you select a great song and execute it just as well. I want to see the rocker do a rock ballad and nail it, which would send you as a forerunner - which you aren't just yet, but you did make people sit up and take notice.

Brooke White

Forget what the judges said. You're ranked up this high because not only was it a sweet and tender performance, but it almost sent Kristy packing. If you can do it one more time and boot Kristy this week, then you'll get the country vote and be safe for the next month.

Chikezie Eze

You're in the same position that Brooke is in. That was an amazing effort last week, and I wondered why you didn't do that before. You clearly have some work to do to get more fans, and this week is a critical week for you. The Syesha fan club will be out in full force (because they know they have to be), and if you can sing another lights out performance and send Syesha packing, then you'll be safe until at least mid-April. However, if Syesha returns with a vengeance and we get Cheesy Chikezie, then you will be walking out the door, stage left.

David Archuleta

I don't think the error-fest last week hurt you as much as the media thinks it did. That being said, you can't stink up the joint again. I don't think you will, but I think you do have to go back to the happy place and sing something light and up tempo, to show the world you can do it.

David Cook

I don't think that you were nearly as blase as the judges thought you were. You got hurt by the fact that you had to go after Carly. But you still had an amazing performance. Take another big risk tonight. If it pays off, you can steal a bunch of votes from Michael Johns, who I don't think is as safe as what people think he is.

Jason Castro

I also don't feel you are as safe as you think you are. It was a 'wheelhouse' song, to be sure last week, but wheelhouse songs don't bring in new fans. Rock Lite does not last for long in Idol. I think you'll be safe this week, but now is the time to get a fanbase and to take chances. This is the week to do it in a theme that you can excel in.

Syesha Mercado

Welcome to the bottom three. Didn't feel good, did it? Well, I don't feel you'll be down there this week, because I do feel that you'll wake up and get back to the Syesha we heard during weeks 1 and 2. For your sake, you better, because if you wind up down there again this week, the law of averages will be very against you.

Michael Johns

Ho hum. Nice and safe. It worked on most seasons of Idol. It may not work this year, just because everyone has been pulling out all the stops. You need to do the same, because another boring effort could get you a nasty wake up call this week.

Amanda Overmyer

That would be 2 solid performances in a row - so why are you down here? Because 1. I think your song selection last week was putrid and 2. because of that, you're the lowest ranked rocker, and eventually a rocker is going to drop into the bottom three. Pick a song we know, and it will be Michael down in the bottom 3 instead of you. If you go the Mandisa rout and select over indulgent songs that 90% of the general population haven't heard of, then you're going to wind up finishing where Mandisa did - 10th.

Ramiele Malubay

The only reason why you didn't fall in the bottom 3 was that David and Syesha were worse. I'll guarantee you that if you give us sleepy-time again, that you'll be back down here. What makes it worse for you is that America knows Kristy Lee is in trouble and will vote to keep her in the competition. You better sing lights out tonight, or hope Kristy is awful again, because you are in very grave danger this week.

Kristy Lee Cook

But the odds on favorite to leave this week is still Kristy Lee. Why? Because when an Idol falls in the bottom 2 for 2 straight weeks, they are gone week #3. Kristy Lee did just that for the past 2 weeks, and only Phil Stacey has broken the curse - and he got a lot of help from his competition in doing so. I don't see this group giving you that same sort of help - but even if that happens, you have to sing like people want you to stay in. And Amazing Grace is still not a song in the Lennon/McCartney Songbook.

That's what I'm thinking right now. We'll see if I'm thinking like that after the performance shows tonight.
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