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NYC says "Get Some" Condoms

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Abstinence may play well in some parts of the country but in NYC it doesn't fly. Here the government knows you're having sex and they just want to make sure you're protected. Case in point, Mayor Bloomberg and the city are choosing this week to launch a new safe sex campaign. Borrowing from a 1995 Sheik condoms tagline, "Get Some" features redesigned condom packages and dispensers from industrial designer Yves Béhar. The promotion is supported with TV, subway posters, print ads and a revamped website. Not only are the condoms free but the lube is too.

To make it easier for you to get your freak on, all the free condom locations are posted after the jump. It's a lot of bars and restaurants, every city health department and, interestingly, many hair salons and barber shops.


Find your free NYC condoms at the following locations. (For the free lube you've got to order online or call 311.)

169 Bar 169 E. Broadway Manhattan
2 by 4 Bar 68 2nd Avenue Manhattan
24/7 Lounge 247 Eldridge Street Manhattan
2A Bar 27 Avenue A Manhattan
3 Steps Bar/Lounge 322 2nd Avenue Manhattan
420 Lounge 420 Amsterdam Avenue Manhattan
68 Jay Street Bar 68 Jay Street Brooklyn
7B Bar/Lounge 108 Avenue B Manhattan
8th Street Lab 69 East 8th Street Manhattan
Abilene Bar/Lounge 442 Court Street Brooklyn
Ace Bar 531 East 5th Street Manhattan
Adjas Professional African Braiding Bonx
African Hair Braiding 7a E. Clarke Place Manhattan
Albas 2244 1st Avenue Manhattan
Alex and Fernando Barber Shop 1901 Lexington Avenue Manhattan
Alligator Lounge 600 Metropolitan Brooklyn
Ana Beauty Parlor 204 East 117th Street Manhattan
Anais Beauty/Barbershop 2036 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Andromeda 33 St. Marks Place 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Andy X Barber Shop 135 E. 110th St Manhattan
Angie's Salon 330 Audubon Ave Manhattan
Angry Wades Bar 222 Smith Street Brooklyn
Aphrika Hair Braiding 1259 Fulton Street Brooklyn
Around The Clock Cafe 8 Stuyvesant Street Manhattan
Art Land Bar 609 Grand Street Brooklyn
Arthurs Tavern 57 Grove Street Manhattan
ATB Corp 866 New Lots Ave. Queens
Audubon Barber shop 61 Audubon Ave Manhattan
Automatic Slims Bar 733 Washington Street Manhattan
Avalon Salon and Day Spa 271 West 4th Street Manhattan
B61 Bar/Lounge 187 Columbia Street Brooklyn
Bamboleo Restaurant 170 Bleecker Street
Bar Nine 807 9th Ave. Manhattan
Bar None 98 Third Avenue Manhattan.
Barracuda Bar 275 W 22nd St Manhattan
Barrage Bar 401 West 47th Street Manhattan
Street Ale House 15 Barrow Street Manhattan
Batista Barber Shop 3852 10 Ave Manhattan
B-Cup East Village Cafe 212 Avenue B Manhattan
Beato Barbershop 161 E. 170th St. Bronx
Beato Barbershop 2261 Jerome Ave. Bronx
Beauty Bar 231 East 14th Street Manhattan
Believe Lounge 1 East 36th Street Manhattan
Big Lug Bar 85 Avenue A Manhattan
Bio-Recovery Corporation 33-15 Greenpoint Ave Queens
Black Betty 366 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn
Black Door Bar 127 West 26th Street Manhattan
Black Sheep Pub 428 Bergen Street Brooklyn
Bluestockings Bookstore 172 Allen Street Manhattan
Bogota Latin Bistro 141 5th Avenue Brooklyn
Boss Tweeds Saloon 115 Essex Street Manhattan
Botanica 4 Elements 1285 Walton Ave. Bronx
Boulevard Tavern 579 Meeker Avenue Brooklyn
Boys Room (Bar) 211 Avenue A Manhattan
Brass Monkey Bar 55 Little West 12th St. Manhattan
Brawta Cafe 347 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn
Brite Bar 297 10th Avenue 27th St. Manhattan
Brooklyn Ale House 103 Berry Street Brooklyn
Bua Bar/Lounge 122-126 St.Marks Place Manhattan
Buttermilk Bar 577 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn
Buy & Sell 304 E. 170th St. Bronx
Cafe Spice 72 University Place Manhattan
Cake Shop 152 Ludlow Street Manhattan
Cana's Barbershop 1318 Jerome Ave. Bronx
Capones 221 N 9th Street Brooklyn
Caribe Bar & Lounge 960 E 165th St. Bronx
Cassioppia 38 W 8th Street Manhattan
Cervante Restaurant 536 E 138th St Bronx
Changing Faces Barber Salon 692 Fulton Street Brooklyn
Chanto Restaurant 133 7th Avenue, S Manhattan
Cheap Shots Bar/Lounge 140 1st Avenue Manhattan
Chelsea International Hotel 251 West 20th Street Manhattan
Cherry Tree Bar/Restaurant 65 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn
Chiz Chiz Restaurant 135 Christopher Street Manhattan
Chow Bar and Grill 230 West 4th Street Manhattan
Chuleria Barber Shop 1812 Amsterdam ave. Manhattan
Cleos Saloon 656 9th Avenue Manhattan
Climaxx 76 Christopher St. Manhattan
Club Atlantis 76-19 Roosevelt Avenue Queens
Commonwealth Bar/Lounge 497 5th Avenue Brooklyn
Company Bar/Lounge 242 East 10th Street Manhattan
Coyote Ugly Saloon 153 1st Avenue Manhattan
Crazy Monkey Tattoo 882 Broadway Brooklyn
Creations Unisex 2399 Grand Concourse Bronx
Crime Scene Bar and Lounge 310 Bowery Street Manhattan
Cristo Rays Barber Shop 159 East 115th St. Manhattan
Culture Trendz 1350 Amsterdam Avenue Manhattan
d.b.a (Bar) 41 1st Avenue Manhattan
D'Amador 104 Nagle Ave Manhattan
Dempseys Pub 61 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Dennis the Menance 223 E. 169th. St. Bronx
Dimension Beauty Salon 124 East 107th Street Manhattan
Disc-O-Rama Bar 44 West 8th Street Manhattan
Doc Hollidays 141 Avenue A Manhattan
Dominican Style Hair Salon 914-A Fulton Street Brooklyn
Double "R" 37-20 103 St Queens
Double Down Saloon 14 Avenue A Manhattan
Double Happiness Bar 173 Mott Street Manhattan
Dragonfly Restaurant 47-49 7th Avenue Manhattan
DUMBO General Store 111 Front St. Brooklyn
Dusk Lounge 147 West 24th Street Manhattan
Eagle Bar 554 West 28th Street Manhattan
Eastern Bloc Bar 505 East 6th Street Manhattan
EL Duke Barbershop 101 E. 169th St. Bronx
El Patio Sports Bar 2785 3rd Ave Bronx
El Rincon Barbershop 1172 Shakespeare Ave. Bronx
Enith Unisex 103-15 Roosevelt Ave Queens
Enriques Unisex 927 Broadway Brooklyn
Epsteins Bar 82 Stanton Street Manhattan
Epy lingerie 77 E 4th St. Manhattan
Essex Ale House 179 Essex Street Manhattan
Esthel's Unisex 1230 E. Walton Ave. Bronx
Excellent Hair 2397 Grand Concourse Bronx
Exployer Liquor Store 1755 Lexington Manhattan
Fantina Barber Shop 92 Nagel Ave Manhattan
Fina Beauty Salon 503 W. 181st. St. Manhattan
Fitzgeralds Pub 336 3rd Avenue Manhattan
Five Spot Soul Food 459 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn
Flea Market Cafe 131 Avenue A Manhattan
Floyd, NY Bar 131 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn
Folukie Restaurant 1168 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn
Food & Deli 1570 Lexington Ave Manhattan
Friendlys Barber Shop 1875 Lexington Avenue Manhattan
Friends Tavern 78-11 Roosevelt Queens
G Lounge 223 West 19th Street Manhattan
Gaetanas Restaurant 143 Christopher Street Manhattan
Gi Amor 393 Lenox Avenue Manhattan
Greene Community Pharmacy 702 Fulton Street Brooklyn
Guero Bar/Lounge 210 Rivington Street Manhattan
Gym Sports Bar 167 8th ave Manhattan
Hair Fashion 2104 Amsterdam Ave. Manhattan
Hair Matic's Salon 330 Audubon Ave, 2nd Floor Manhattan
Harmony Video Store 139 Christopher Street Manhattan
Harry's Barber Shop 1774 Amsterdam Ave. Manhattan
Heights Bar and Grill 2867 Broadway Manhattan
Hi Fi Bar/Lounge 169 Avenue A Manhattan
Holiday Cocktail Lounge 75 St.Marks Pl. Manhattan
Iona Bar/Lounge 180 Grand Street Brooklyn
Ipanema Bar/Lounge 252 West 14th Street Manhattan
Isora Beauty Salon 2347 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Its a Wrap Hair Salon 403 Lenox Avenue Manhattan
Ivan Barber Shop 286 Wills Ave Bronx
J&M Barbershop 215 E. 167th St. Bronx
Jacko's Barbershop 1297 E. Walton Ave. Bronx
Jamaica YMCA 89-25 Parsons Blvd Queens
JBD Billard 174 Audubon Ave
Jeannettes Beauty Care 726 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn
Johnnys Bar 90 Greenwich Avenue
Josie Woods Pub 11 Waverly Place Manhattan
J's Big Gym 625 W. 181st St Manhattan
Julep 9 Avenue A Manhattan
Julius 159 W 10th St. Manhattan
July Margarita Salon 1695 Amsterdam ave Manhattan
Kalea Nails 1715 Amsterdam Ave. Manhattan
Karipa Unisex 1195 Walton Ave. Bronx
Karma Lounge 51 1st Avenue Manhattan
King Billards 566 181 St Manhattan
King Size Bar/Lounge 21 Essex Street Manhattan
Kings/Queens Unisex Parlor 920 Fulton Street Brooklyn
Klimat 77 E 7th Street Manhattan
Kudo Beans Coffee House 49 1/2 1st Avenue Manhattan
Kush Lounge 191 Chrystie Street Manhattan
La Famosa Barbershop 121 E. Tremont Ave Bronx
La Linea 15 1st Avenue Manhattan
La Moda 1704 Amsterdam Avenue Manhattan
La Palma 1502 Amsterdam Ave. Manhattan
Lace Masters Barber Shop 2859 Frederick Douglas Blvd. Manhattan
Larry Lawrence Bar/Lounge 295 Grand Street Brooklyn
Le Singe Vert Restaurant 160 7th Avenue Manhattan
Le Zie Bar/Restaurant 172 7th Avenue Manhattan
Lederhosen Bar/Restaurant 39 Grove Street Manhattan
Lenox Hardware and Locksmith 615 Lenox Avenue Manhattan
Level Barbershop 2032 Lexington Avenue Manhattan
Level Barbershop 2348 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Level Barbershop 425 West 125th Street Manhattan
Lisa's Unisex 1683 Amsterdam Ave. Manhattan
Local 138 Bar/Lounge 138 Ludlow Street Manhattan
Loki Lounge 304 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn
Long Island University 1 University Plaza Brooklyn
Loreley Restaurant 7 Rivington Street Manhattan
Los Brothers Barbershop 2017 Anthony Ave. Bronx
Los Socios 86 Nagler Ave Manhattan
Lotus Club 35 Clinton Street Manhattan
Lucille Roberts Club 143 Fulton Street Manhattan
Lucky 13 Saloon 273 13th Street Brooklyn
Lucky Chengs Bar/Lounge 24 First Avenue Manhattan
Lucky Jacks 129 Orchard Street Manhattan
M and R Bar 356 Bowery Manhattan
Madame X Bar 94 West Houston Street Manhattan
Maduza Studio Salon 1347 St. Nicholas Ave. Manhattan
Magical Touch 37-66 103 st Queens
Magnetic Field Bar/Lounge 97 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn
Maison Saigon Tacu Tacu Restaurant 134 N. 6th Street Brooklyn
Manuel Perez Medical Office 531 E 138th St Bronx
Maries Crisis 59 Grove Street Manhattan
Marisco Centro 1490 St Nicolas Ave Manhattan
Matamoros 242 East 116th St. Manhattan
Matchless 557 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn
Max Fish Bar/Lounge 178 Ludlow Street Manhattan
McKennas Pub 250 W. 14th St. Manhattan
McSwiggans Bar 393 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Medical Office 493 E 138th St Bronx
Mega Dry Cleaners 916 Fulton Street Brooklyn
Metropolitan Bar/Lounge 559 Lorimer Street Brooklyn
Millies Salon and Studio 658 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn
Moes Bar/Lounge 80 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn
Mojito Restaurant 275 Park Avenue Brooklyn
Monster Sushi Bar/Restaurant 158 West 23rd Street Manhattan
Monster Sushi Restaurant 535 Hudson Street Manhattan
Monteros Bar and Grill 73 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn
Mooneys Pub 353 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn
Moonshine Bar 317 Columbia Street Brooklyn
Morningside Medical Group 1302 Amsterdam Ave Manhattan
Moshood African Clothing 698 Fulton Street Brooklyn
Motor City Bar 127 Ludlow Street Manhattan
Mud Spot 307 E 9th Street Manhattan
Museum of Sex 233 Fifth Avenue Manhattan
National Organization for Women 150 West 28 Street, Suite 304 Manhattan
Nevada Smiths Bar/Lounge 74 3rd Avenue Manhattan
New Direction 202-206 Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn
New United Barbershop 2 E. 167th St. Bronx
New York Adorned 47 2nd Avenue Manhattan
New York Wireless 1938 3rd Avenue Manhattan
Newsbar Restaurant 107 University Place Manhattan
Niagara 112 Avenue A Manhattan
Nice Guy Eddies Uptown Bar 2171 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Night Cafe Corporation (Bar/Club) 938 Amsterdam Avenue Manhattan
No Parking Bar 4168 Broadway Manhattan
Normans Sound Vision 67 Cooper Street Manhattan
Nowhere Bar 322 East 14th St. Manhattan
Nueva Imagen 521 W. 168th St. Manhattan
Nuevo Estilo Unisex 1216 Walton Ave. Bronx
O Cuts Barbershop 507 167th St. Manhattan
Obivia Bar/Lounge 201 Lafayette Street Manhattan
One Way Barbershop 216 E. 167th St. Bronx
Orologio Bar/Restaurant 162 Avenue A Manhattan
Ozzies Coffee and Tea 57 7th Avenue Brooklyn
Ozzies Coffee and Tea 249 5th Avenue Brooklyn
P International 104 E. 167th St. Bronx
Parson's Medical Center 88-01 Parson's Blvd. Queens
Pena Restaurant 505 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn
Penang Restaurant 541 LaGuardia Pl. Manhattan
Peter McManus Cafe 152 7th Avenue Manhattan
Petes Candy Store Bar 709 Lorimer Street Brooklyn
Petes Tavern 129 East 18th Street Manhattan
Phoenix Bar/Lounge 447 East 13th Street Manhattan
Pianos Bar/Lounge 158 Ludlow Street Manhattan
Pieces Bar 8 Christopher Street Manhattan
Pilar Unisex 1275 E. Walton Ave. Bronx
Pillow Cafe Lounge 372 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn
Piola Bar/Lounge 48 East 12th Street Manhattan
Pit Stop Bar/Lounge 127 Columbia Street Brooklyn
Play Lounge 77-17 Queens Blvd. Queens
Porkys NYC 55 West 21st Street Manhattan
Posh Bar 405 West 51st Street Manhattan
Prey Bar & Lounge 4 West 22nd Street Manhattan
Professional Nail Care 678 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn
R Bar 218 Bowery Street Manhattan
RAGS A GO GO 218 West 14 Street Manhattan
Rags-A-GoGo (Retail Store) 218 West 14th Street Manhattan
Red Lion Bar/Lounge 151 Bleecker Street Manhattan
Redds Tavern 511 Grand Street Brooklyn
Reign Bar 46 Washington Avenue Brooklyn
Respect for Life 932 Fulton Street Brooklyn
Restivo Bar/Lounge 209 7th Avenue Manhattan
Rincon Cibaeno #2` 1306 St. Nicholas Ave Manhattan
Rising Dragon 2 230 West 23rd Street Manhattan
Risotteria Restaurant 270 Bleecker Street Manhattan
Robin's Ultimate 1608 Amsterdam Ave. Manhattan
Roxy Bar 515 West 18th Street Manhattan
Salvation Army 175 East 125th Street Manhattan
Sanchez Unisex 1797 Lexington Avenue Manhattan
Santiago Mini Market 996 Amsterdam Ave. Manhattan
Sapphire Lounge 249 Eldridge Street, Apt.5 Manhattan
School of Visual Arts 141 West 21st Street Manhattan
SEA Bar/Lounge 75 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Shanes Restaurant 794 Washington Avenue Brooklyn
Sheridan Launder Center 229 E. 169th St. Bronx
Sidewalk Cafe 94 Avenue A Manhattan
Sister Tammy Hair Shop 2133 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Slane Bar/Lounge 102 MacDougal Street Manhattan
Southpaw Bar/Lounge 125 Fifth Avenue Brooklyn
Splash Bar 50 West 17th Street Manhattan
Spoil Em in Harlem 717 St. Nicholas Avenue Manhattan
Sputnik Bar/Lounge 262 Taaffe Pl. Brooklyn
St. Jeromes Bar/Lounge 155 Rivington Street Manhattan
St. Marks Ale House 2 St. Marks Place Manhattan
Stand Up-NY 236 W 78th St. Manhattan
Steve Madden 540 Broadway Manhattan
Steve Madden 41 West 34th Street Manhattan
Stitch Bar and Lounge 247 West 37th Street Manhattan
Sugar Lounge/Bar 147 A Columbia Street Brooklyn
Surya Restaurant 302 Bleecker Street Manhattan
Sweet Life Restaurant 147 Christopher Street Manhattan
Tasty Delicious Restaurant 1096 Rutland Road Brooklyn
Teddys 96 Berry Street Brooklyn
The Abbey Bar/Lounge 536 Driggs Avenue Brooklyn
The Back Fence Bar/Lounge 155 Bleecker Street Manhattan
The Baggot Inn Bar 82 West 3rd Street Manhattan
The Boiler Room 86 East 4th Street Manhattan
The Bourgeois Pig Bar 122 East 7th Street Manhattan
The Charleston Bar/Lounge 174 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn
The Delancey Bar/Lounge 168 Delancey Street Manhattan
The Hangar 115 Christopher Street Manhattan
The Levee Bar/Lounge 212 Berry Street Brooklyn
The Library Bar/Lounge 7 Avenue A Manhattan
The Mark Bar 1025 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn
The Monster Bar 80 Grove Street Manhattan
The Music Box 40-08 74th St., Flushing Queens
The New Colors 1798 Lexington Avenue Manhattan
The Pinch Bar & Grill 237 Sullivan Street Manhattan
The Skinny Bar/Restaurant 174 Orchard Street Manhattan
The Slaughtered Lamb Bar/Lounge 182 West 4th Street Manhattan
The Trash Bar 256 Grand Street Brooklyn
The Urge 33 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Theory (Retail Store 230 Columbus Avenue Manhattan
Therapy 348 w 52nd Manhattan
Tillies Cafe 248 DeKalb Avenue Brooklyn
Time Out 349 Amsterdam Manhattan
Toast Bar/Restaurant 3157 Broadway Manhattan
Tokyo Pop 2728 Broadway Manhattan
Trailer Park 271 West 23rd Street Manhattan
Tribe Bar/Lounge 132 1st Avenue Manhattan
Tuts Bar/Lounge 196 Orchard Street Manhattan
Ty's 114 Christopher Manhattan
Ulloas Photo 4260 Broadway Ave Manhattan
Underground Lounge 955 West End Avenue Manhattan
Union Pool 484 Union Avenue Brooklyn
Unisex Esmerald 41-21 Junction Blvd Queens
Universal Barber Shop 2252 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Universal Gear 140 8th Avenue Manhattan
Vasmay Lounge 269 East Houston Street Manhattan
Veselka Bar/Lounge 144 2nd Avenue Manhattan
Vianel Beauty 236 East 112th Street Manhattan
View Bar 232 8th Avenue Manhattan
Vlada Bar 331 West 51st Street Manhattan
Waikiki Wallys 101 East 2nd Street Manhattan
Water Street Restaurant and Lounge 66 Water Street Brooklyn
Johnsons Bar/Lounge 123 Rivington Street Manhattan
Westside Tavern 360 W 23rd Manhattan
XES Bar 157 West 24th Street Manhattan
Yankees Barbershop 1153 River Ave. Bronx
Yello Bar 32 Mulberry Street Manhattan

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i love how 90% of those places are gay bars/clubs. this is another reason why i heart ny

said rob on February 27, 2008 3:30 PM.
pop culture
blog on the
maybe not.

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