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The Wire: The Famous Crime, Cursing Scene


This post is definitely NSFW.

One of the most famous and infamous scenes from The Wire happened during Season 1 in episode 4: Old Cases. A murder solved with "Fuck" being the only piece of dialog. I shit you not.

The video clip exists on over the web and YouTube, but one day HBO's lawyers are sure to pull it. So, for posterity, here's a transcript, after the jump, of The Wire's famous curse crime scene.

(Note: Give me a little leeway as far as the visual discriptions go. If you notice any glaring omissions, leave a comment and I'll adjust this entry.)

Backstory: Major Crimes is looking for anything they can link to the Barksdale crew. Following a lead, Detectives Bunk and McNulty head to an apartment to search for clues to the unsolved murder of Diedre Kresson. They begin to piece together the events of the murder with "Fuck" and fuck-minded phrases being the only piece of dialog. (George Carlin must be proud.)

f 1.jpg

The scene begins with McNulty, Bunk and the apartment's Super entering the vacant apartment of Diedre Kresson. They walk towards the kitchen. Bunk pulls out the crime scene photos of the deceased victim and looks them over.

Bunk: (slightly sympathetic) Awe...fuck.

He shows the photos to McNulty with a knowing look.

McNulty: Motherfucker.

f 2.jpg

They walk into the kitchen and put down their bags. Bunk begins to place the crime scene photos in position on the floor.

Bunk: (under his breath) Fuck. Fuck. Fuckin' fuck.

f 3.jpg

Meanwhile, McNulty takes out the crime scene police report, a marker and a tape measure. He looks over the police report and sees that the victim was 5' 3" and age 20.

McNulty: Fuck.

Cut to Bunk still arranging the photos.

Bunk: (under his breath) Mmm, fuck fuck...Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Quick cut to the janitor looking puzzled.

f 4.jpg

Cut to McNulty looking at more crime scene photos. He sees the bullet wound entered the victim's upper chest but exited through her lower back.

McNulty: (curious) Fuck?

f 5.jpg

Bunk lays out photos by the kitchen window where a bullet hole was. McNulty begins to measure something on the floor but it recoils and jams his finger.

McNulty: (in pain) Fuck!


Bunk marks the bullet hole on the window. McNulty extends the tape measure and tries to determine how a bullet actually entered so high on the body and exited so low. Bunk helps him by grabbing the tape measure. McNulty gets on his knees, which seems like a more plausible position for this wound.

He begins looking on floor for clues - bullet marks, a shell casing, anything.

McNulty: Fuck.


Bunk turns to the window notices something on a crime scene photo - pieces of glass on the inside of the window.

Bunk: (exclaims) Mother-Fucker!

McNulty looks at the photo.

McNulty: (astonished) Awe fuck....Awe fuck.


They realize the shooter was probably not in the apartment but standing outside the kitchen window. Bunk puts his gun where the bullet hole in the window is. McNulty leans in near the gun to determine the entry/exit wound. They follow the trace of the path of the bullet and check the kitchen wall.

McNulty: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...Fucker.


They walk towards the rear of the kitchen and scout the wall by the fridge for the bullet. McNulty feels around on wall.

McNulty: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Bunk: Awe fuck.


They find nothing and examine a particular photo which seems odd to them. Bunk notices something odd. McNulty notices it too.

Bunk: (stunned) Mother fucker.


McNulty opens the fridge and immediately finds a spot inside the door that has been spackled.

McNulty: (shocked) Fuckin-A.

He picks off the spackle while Bunk hands him some pliers.

McNulty: (straining, using pliers) Fuuhck.


McNulty digs inside and pulls out the bullet.

McNulty: (decisively) Motherfucker.

Bunk takes the pliers from McNulty and looks at the bullet.

Bunk: (taken aback) Fuck Me.

Realizing that they're onto something, the pair head to the backyard of the apartment to search for the bullet casing....

Thanks for reading. Hope you fucking enjoyed this.

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I'm making my way through season one right now and actually just watched this episode yesterday. That scene was brilliant!

said Evil Richard on January 6, 2008 8:32 PM.

Just wait till the brilliance that is Omar kicks in Rich.

said Razen on January 7, 2008 10:29 AM.

brilliant! just saw this scene for the first time..

said moonwrita on December 8, 2009 6:00 PM.

I'm fucking looking forward to fucking watch this fucking series. Fuck yeah!

said Leonardo Carvalho on February 22, 2010 1:58 PM.

Omar dies.

said SalMoIlla on February 22, 2010 4:36 PM.

I happen to rewatching season 1 and just finished that episode.
Boy do I miss The Wire.

said Baierman on February 22, 2010 10:06 PM.
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