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Wednesday is New Comics Day


A comic-adaptation of a "film"
Booster Gold explores the multiverse
A teenage girl meets herself three times
The White Event changes the universe
A man travels a lonely landscape

Each week (yeah I know, not quite) we run down the 5 most interesting comics that come out on Wednesday. Here's what to look for today.

By Gilbert Hernandez
120 pgs | $16.95

One of Gilbert Hernandez' s most popular characters in his long-running Love & Rockets stories is Fritz, the busty, lispy therapist turned B-movie actress. Her various films have been mentioned throughout the series but now, in a series of stand-alone graphic novels, Hernandez will begin creating "comic adaptations" of Fritz's filmography.

Chance in Hell tells the story of a young orphan girl who is adopted and eventually grows up and marries but finds that she can never be happy with the life she finds herself living.

The idea of doing a comic adaptation of a movie that never existed is pretty brilliant and Hernandez's cinematic style should do well to capture the B-movie feel that they should have.


DC Comics
Written by Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz; Art and Cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund
32 pgs | $2.99

Booster Gold is a perpetual B-list superhero who has managed to kick around for about 20 years now but it has been a while since he's had enough of a surge in popularity to support his own book. Thanks to DC's popular weekly comic, 52, which ended a few months back, Booster has become a fairly big player in the DC Universe.

Booster Gold is a character whose origins are based in time-travel so expect a lot of that in his new series. As well as some universe-hopping since in 52 it was Booster who helped uncover the existence of the new multiverse of alternate universes which is to become a major factor in all DC comics in the coming year.


DC Minx
Written by Derek Kirk Kim; art by Jesse Hamm
176 pgs | $9.99

DC Comic's latest offering in their teen-focused Minx line is a unique story that mixes the fantastic with everyday high school drama. On her 18th birthday, Grace Kwon is suddenly approached by three versions of herself - one at 6 years old, one at 29 and one at 70. Together they pitch in to help save the school play and of course teach Grace something about herself.

Writer Derek Kirk Kim's last book Same Difference and Other Stories (his first book) won three of comic's most prestigious awards, making this English-language manga a book to check out.


2. newuniversal
Marvel Comics
Written by Warren Ellis; art by Salvador Larocca
144 pgs | $19.99

Marvel fans from the 1980s will remember the short-lived New Universe line which introduced a batch of comics that took place in a "universe right outside our window", albeit one that was suddenly changed by something called "The White Event". Low key and understated for superhero comics of it's time, the various New Universe comics found themselves getting canceled after about a year. However the first rule of comic books is: no one and nothing stays dead.

Twenty years later, the concept has been revived and slightly renamed. This time it is one comic series rather than a whole line and it is written by the popular comics writer and recently published novelist Warren Ellis. In this new series, the "universe right outside our window" is different from ours in ways other than the White Event and a few superpowered people. China has been leading the space race, John Lennon never died but Paul McCartney did and 9/11 never happened. And it seems the White Event may be the cause of these little changes.

If you enjoy the show Heroes and love some complicated sci-fi theories then check out this hardcover volume of the first six issues.



Drawn & Quarterly
Written and drawn by Anders Nilsen

Anders Nilsen has been receiving a lot of acclaim in the past year for his abstract, minimalist, auto-biographical comics like The End and Don't Go Where I Can't Follow. But this new hardcover collects an earlier work that shows his strength in beautifully detailed line work. Still pretty minimalist but much less abstract. Dogs & Water is a dream-like epic about a young man wandering a desolate landscape. Along the way he comes across a pack of dogs, armed men and a mysterious pipeline.

The original comic publication of Dogs & Water received an Ignatz award for "Outstanding Story". This new hardcover edition features some new pages.

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