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Wednesday is New Comics Day


A babbling Master Chief
An FBI agent made of chocolate
A teenage Wolverine with boobies
A comic about the life of a comic book artist (and a giant)
Flying men, Martians, and atomic monsters

Each Wednesday we run down the 5 most interesting comics that come out this week. Here's what to look for today.

Marvel Comics
Written by Brian Michael Bendis; art by Alex Maleev
40 pgs | $3.99

Normally, I wouldn't be placing adaptations of video games in the top 5 most interesting comics of the week but this one is brought to you by one of Marvel comics' most acclaimed creative teams. Brian Michael Bendis has been the creative force behind a number of Marvel titles over the years and arguably his best of that bunch was his run on Daredevil with artist, Alex Maleev. Yes, the mean streets of Hells Kitchen to the deck of a Covenant spaceship is a mighty big jump but it will be interesting nonetheless to see what these guys do with a story that picks up where the popular Xbox game Halo 2 left off. Bendis is known for his wordy, naturalistic dialogue so it might be funny to see Master Chief stammering his way through a firefight.


Top Shelf
By David Yurkovich
120 pgs | $14.95

Combining hard-boiled crime fiction with delicious sweets, David Yurkovich created his original Death By Chocolate comic back in 1996 and was awarded a Xeric Foundation grant for it. This book collects his series of self-published comics that star Agent Swete, a man who, after an accident turns his body into organic chocolate, becomes an FBI agent in the Food Crimes Division. Swete's adventures take him beyond food though and into some pretty weird stuff like time travel, talking dogs and Ernest Hemingway (and that's all just one of these stories).


3. X-23: TARGET
Marvel Comics
Written by Craig Kyle; art by Mike Choi
144 pgs | $15.99

X-23 is a fairly new X-men character (having debuted originally in an X-men cartoon but she has now migrated to the comics) who has starred in two mini-series to date and is growing in popularity. X-23: Target collects her second mini-series which details her struggles to start a new life after escaping the mysterious Facility where she was created. If you don't know, or don't realize from the cover, X-23 is basically a teenage Wolverine with boobies, hence her popularity. The stunning artwork of rising star Mike Choi might have something to do with that too though.


2. LUCKY VOL.2 #1
Drawn & Quarterly
By Gabrielle Bell

Brooklyn comic artist Gabrielle Bell follows up her debut graphic novel, Lucky with a new comic-book format series that continues her day-in-the-life-of-a-comic-artist short stories. The first issue contains two stories - one is an auto-bio story about comic conventions, parties and art shows. The second story is a fantasy involving giants and unlikely love.



Marvel Comics
416 pgs | $74.99

For most people, only "#15" comes to mind when they hear Amazing Fantasy. No one seems to recall what was in issues 1-14. In actuality, issues 1-6 were under the banner Amazing Adventures and with 7-14 it changed it's name to Amazing Adult Fantasy. Writer Stan Lee and artists Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko presented Twilight Zone-ish tales of strange creatures like Torr and Dr. Droom (Droom, not Doom). With issue 15 they dropped the "Adult" from the title and told the unassuming story of a teenager who gets bit by a radioactive spider.

Everything up to and including that one often reprinted issue is collected here together for the first time in a giant and expensive hardcover full of early '60's tales of the creepy and unknown.

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