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An Open Letter to Circuit City, Firedog, and CEO Philip J. Schoonover

Posted by Razen on August 23, 2007.


Your Firedog service division slogan is ""Helps you turn life on" but so far with me it's been "Helps you get realllllly frustrated."

Lets review in detail the madness Circuit City has put me through, shall we?

Saturday - I spend almost 4 grand at circuit city buying a flat screen HD TV, Tivo, stand for my video game consoles, cables and installation.

Delivery is promised on Tuesday, with installation on Wednesday.

Tuesday - Circuit City drops off the items.

Wednesday 11:30am - I take off work. Firedog Installers arrive 2 hours late, but that's ok, I understand. What I don't understand is that the delivery didn't include the wall brackets to mount the TV.

12 noon - Installers leave, unable to do anything. I spend 30 minutes on the phone to Circuit City getting no where. I decide to go to the store and try to speak with someone directly.

2:30pm - After approx 60mins the best I'm able to get from your customer service is that Circuit City scheduled the mounting brackets to come on Saturday and didn't tell me nor the installers about it.

6 PM - A nice man from Firedog calls and apologizes for the problem. Says the installers will be back on Thursday with the brackets to do the install at 4pm

Thursday 6PM - Firedog installers arrive 2 hours late again. They ask my wife (cause I can't take off work again) "Hey, where's the brackets?" No one told them to bring them. They leave once again, having done nothing. One promises to call in an hour or so and give my wife and update. He never does.

Thursday 7pm - My wife calls the Circuit City store and asks to speak to someone about the problem. She gets forwarded to a voice mailbox thats full and can't leave a message. That happens twice.

Thursday 7:30pm - My wife calls the 800 number for delivery and is told the brackets will be delivered on Saturday but she has to call back on Friday to find out what window of time they'll be dropped off. She's also told that the installers won't be coming back till next Monday.

Obviously this type of behavior is what gives a company a bad rep.

The worst of it is, I'm still stuck in this nightmare with my flat screen TV on the floor, unusable.

If anyone wants to help, my e-mail is campfirebrian at gmail dot com

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