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Where are they now? Bambi Woods, star of Debbie Does Dallas - revealed!

Posted by Scaramouch on May 18, 2007.

Debbie Does Dallas. It's one of the top five grossing porn films of all time, and probably one of the most well known movies titles in any genre. Released hot on the heels of Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones, it blazed a trail that took it into pop culture legend, and has made it's distributors hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. It's spawned sequels, homages, remakes, documentaries, and even an off-broadway musical. It's also the subject of one of the most popular YesButNoButYes stories of all time - Where are they now - Debbie Does Dallas. And it's made Bambi Woods, the titular actress with the blonde hair and the girl-next-door looks into one of the most famous porn stars ever. And probably it's most enigmatic.

Because it's one of the great mysteries of the adult movie industry - whatever happened to Bambi Woods, who is said to have mysteriously disappeared soon after the movie was made? During the making of the 2005 documentary Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered, a team from Britain's Channel Four interviewed as many cast members as they could find, checked police records - even hired a private investigator - all in an attempt to track down the woman who played Debbie. And failed. Pretty miserably.

Since then, the true story of Bambi has gone untold. Dark rumors surround her fate - her Wikipedia entry says she may have died from a drug overdose in 1986, or during the making of a "Debbie" sequel, or that she even retired into obscurity, saved from a life of porn by her parents.

But nobody has ever told the real story.

Until now.

Beginning Monday, is proud to present a world exclusive - a full interview with the actress who played Debbie herself, Bambi Woods. She talks to me about her early life, the making of the movie and it's sequel, of the late 70s drug scene in New York, of celebrity boyfriends and swingers' clubs, and tells us exactly what she's been up to for the last 20 years. And believe it or not, there's a happy ending.

It's the story we've waited two years to write. And it's only here, at - getting closer to being the best pop culture blog on the planet with every story. Tell all your friends.

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