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Debbie Does Dallas - The Bambi Woods Interview: Part Two

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In the first part of our interview with Bambi Woods, she talked about her early life and how she came to star in one of the biggest adult movies of all times, Debbie Does Dallas. Today she talks about the sequel, Debbie Does Dallas 2, and finally reveals what happened to her, and where she has been for the last 25 years.

In Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered. Jim Clark talks about trying to make a sequel to the movie, but being unable to due to your drug problems. But clearly the sequel came out - so what's the true story?

I was high a lot but the real reason was I didn't want to do a sequel. My parents were furious but the money was just too good and I did have a drug problem at the time. The people making the movie couldn't find me. I ran into one of the girls who did the movie (who I saw on the documentary had died) (nb that would be Arcadia Lake, who later died of a drug overdose) and she passed an offer onto me and I said yes. Much better money this time!


You seem to be onscreen much more during the sequel, and appear with adult movie legend, Ron Jeremy. Did it take longer to shoot?

Yes, I really can't remember how long but the people involved took this one a lot more seriously. To this day I have never seen it! I do remember Ron. I remember he was straight which might surprise people. He didn't do drugs unlike everybody else and he was a nice guy and very intelligent.

Did you ever travel the country at that time doing live appearances at clubs?

No, I worked in different clubs but never toured so to speak. There was a swinging club in Times Square called Plato's Retreat that Larry, the guy who owned it, used to pay us to turn up at. I remember a guy called Jim Sandberg was always there promising to put us in real movies if we did his porn and apparently he had made quite a few real movies. I can't remember the girl's name who knew him but I know she did the candlestick scene in Debbie Does Dallas (nb it was Christie Ford aka Misty Winter) and she did some movies with him and would just hang around his sets. I don't know why I remembered that! I wonder what ever became of him. I'll have to do some research myself.

We also used to hang out at a place called "Show World" where some of the girls did live sex shows and a few other places but I can't remember the names. Times Square was full of places then. I remember the owner of Plato's telling me that it used to be a gay bathhouse and Barry Manilow used to play there before he got famous. It used to be packed with a disco and spas and hundreds of people. I think it cost about $25 to get in which was a hell of a lot back then and they used to have all this amazing food which was free and when you didn't have a lot of money like me it was heaven!


I read an interview online where you claimed to have dated John Belushi. That's kind of cool - is it true? Did you meet or date any other famous people?

Wow, how did you know that? Yes, I went out with John for awhile along with other celebrities. There were some big celebrity clubs in New York at the time and it was pretty wild. I remember hanging out with Ace Frehley from the rock band "Kiss" quite a bit. He was a crazy guy and always out of it but a lot of fun. I'm surprised he's not dead!

I also got an offer to do "Playboy" around that time as well which was just before I went home. I was also interviewed by quite a few people during that time. I remember speaking to a guy who was quite famous as an interviewer in the "porn world" but I don't remember his name but that interview went to air so you might be able to track that down. I can't remember the name of his show but it was on cable. If you threw some names at me I'd remember it.

(Note: "Debbie" is probably talking about Midnight Blue, hosted by Al Goldstein)

There is a Debbie Does Dallas 3, but it looks to use outtakes from previous shoots. And there is a movie called Swedish Erotica 12.

I remember shooting quite a few scenes that didn't make it into the second movie. I've never seen the third one so I really have no idea what is in it. All I know is that I was never hired to shoot a "third" installment although they probably had that in mind when I did the second one. I was hard to get hold of for the second one so they probably had a third one in the back of their minds as they were shooting. Who knows! There's definitely no other movies. I was never a big "porn star".


But Wikipedia mentions a film entitled "Debbie Does Farmland" during the shooting of which you died. Clearly, that's not true. And there's also the off-broadway musical.

Never heard of that movie. I did hear about the musical but I have never seen it.

It's said that your parents rescued you from the adult business, and have helped protect your privacy since then?

I did go back and live with my parents for three years. They didn't rescue me. I wanted to get away so I did. I've never had to protect my privacy. It's just never been an issue. It's amazing how cutting your hair off and going from blonde to brunette stops people noticing you. I have never hidden and in the last 20 years I have only been recognised perhaps 20 times. It's always the same. They're never quite sure and they have to get the nerve up to ask. The older I get though the less frequent it becomes.


But the Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered documentary tried to find you and failed - were they just not very thorough?

To be really honest, I thought that documentary was embarrassing for them. To say I disappeared after the movie when Debbie Does Dallas 2 came out? Are they for real? Pretty embarrassing for them. Most of the actors I'm sure were being truthful but to think that someone would put out a documentary saying I disappeared straight away when I clearly didn't is just insulting to the people who bought it.

Has there ever been a temptation over the years to become a more public figure?

No, not in the slightest but I do appreciate the interest in me which is why I have done this for you.

So, without wishing to invade your privacy, what CAN you tell us about what you've been doing for the last 20 years? Your fans would love to know.

Well, it's pretty boring I'm afraid. I'm married for over 20 years with a couple of lovely children who are both teenagers. My husband is involved with computer software here in California. We are very well off so luckily there is no financial need for me to use my past for any financial gain. .

Debbie Does Dallas really has become a huge part of popular culture. Looking back, is it something you are proud to have been associated with, or not? Given the chance to do it over, would you still take part?

No, definitely not but it isn't something that has caused me any great amounts of grief, just family grief at the time.

Finally, what message would you like to send to all your millions of fans around the world?

For those of you who actually cared about what happened to me for personal reasons and not financial, thank you. I'm fine and happy.

Isn't it nice when a story has a happy ending?

But we're not quite at the end - check back tomorrow for a final wrap up, and to hear an offer from "Debbie" that some publisher with a few more dollars than YesButNoButYes might want to jump all over.

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Wow! Ron Jeremy didn't do drugs! I don't beleive it! lol

said Alex on December 5, 2007 4:19 AM.

Bambi Woods made a beautiful film in "Dallas" and she has nothing to be ashamed of. She shouldn't need to hide from her public. Happy new year.

said Phil on December 31, 2007 6:36 PM.

this must be a complete joke. This "interview" is a complete hoax, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. For one thing, "debbie" says she didn't disappear because she made DDD 2. The problem is we already know this. the sequel was made in 1981. she disappeared in 1986. Obviously it could not have been written by bAMBI Woods.

There are other huge inconsistancies in the interview, like why would someone who has been a recluse for the last 23 years decide to do an interview over the web? it makes no sense. She would have let the BBC interview her, if she really wanted to tell her story after all these years.

I'm afraid you people have been duped.

said reality on February 27, 2009 2:57 AM.

To "Reality" did you even read the interview before gracing us with your incredible comments? The point Debbie was making was that in the documentary it says she disappeared after making Debbie Does Dallas 1 but that was wrong because she made Debbie Does Dallas 2. She is correct, the documentary does say she disappears after Debbie Does Dallas 1 and, yes, Debbie Does Dallas 2 was made after that so the documentary is wrong and Debbie is right.

Oh yes, someone who just wants to let her fans know she's okay is going to walk into the front door of the BBC and do an interview, are you for real? If you are so sure of yourself take up her offer of doing an interview in person because when she turns up and it's not her you won't have to pay her anything will you? Why would someone attempting a hoax offer to do an interview in person? I certainly wouldn't. One last thing "reality", you definitely aren't a rocket scientist, we are all sure of that.

said nia on December 26, 2009 6:54 AM.

I am seeing a pretty big contradiction here. In part two of the interview "Debbie" states that, to this day, has never seen the sequel to DDD, yet later she states that she remembers shooting quite a few scenes that never made it into the 3rd installment. To me this seems scripted with somebody forgetting one of the answers they gave. Does anybody agree? Scaramouch what do you think about this pretty big contradiction?

said Chris"TheSkeptic" on July 20, 2010 10:58 AM.

I am seeing a pretty big contradiction here. In part two of the interview "Debbie" states that, to this day, has never seen the sequel to DDD, yet later she states that she remembers shooting quite a few scenes that never made it into the sequel. How would she know that without seeing the sequel? To me this seems scripted with somebody forgetting one of the answers they gave. Does anybody agree? Scaramouch what do you think about this pretty big contradiction?

said Chris"TheSkeptic" on July 20, 2010 10:59 AM.

Eh whoops, the first comment had a typo and shouldn't have stated the 3rd installment. The second comment is the correct one. My bad

said Chris"TheSkeptic" on July 20, 2010 11:05 AM.

Honestly, Chris, I don't know. I've gone back and forth on this interview so many times in my head since I've done it. I tried to send some follow up questions afterwards, but she never wrote me back. Maybe we'll just never know.

said Scaramouch on July 20, 2010 3:30 PM.

Agreed, and too bad she will not write back. This is a very bittersweet interview but I have to say the sweet did overwhelm the bitter! DDD was my first porn outside of some soft wanna be scinemax movie ( is there really a need for softcore porn? ) lol Anyway, thanks for the good interview and the comment

said Chris"TheSkeptic" on July 20, 2010 10:38 PM.

Unlike Bambi Woods, I have seen Debbie Does Dallas 3. Her appearance in that film consists of one sex scene that had already appeared in DDD 2 - and a scene at the beginning where an interviewer tracks down Debbie, now living in a trailer, and she comments on her fame as a porn star. In that scene, she is seen topless but not fully nude.

Since that beginning scene doesn't appear to relate to anything that was in Debbie Does Dallas 2, it surprises me to hear that it was a leftover outtake from that film. Instead, it seems like the sort of thing someone who was getting out of the porn business might still have agreed to do. Since it's been so long, and she had wanted to put all this behind her, even to the extent of forgetting the names of the Melody and Harmony strip clubs, I have to think there's at least a chance that this is a detail that slipped her mind.

said The Shapeless Horror on September 4, 2010 12:12 PM.

Chris "The Sceptic", yes I noticed that too....that contadiction stood out like a sore thumb. I truly believe Scaramouch was duped. It's a bummer...would like to think it was Bambi/Debbie....but alas, I doubt it. Another thing I noticed, she says her kids are teens..and that they "play" with this Dessiree persons kids...play??? Her children would be older than teens and at that age play dates are long past.

said rachel on October 19, 2010 8:17 AM.
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