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(American) Idol Thoughts - 5/23/07

After 5 months, 20 plus weeks of Coke and Ford Commercials, and countless number of You Tube videos featuring Sanjaya Malaker'a hair and Antonella Barba's ass...ets, we get out last performance show. Haterade will tell you who wins it and why.

If you see the cup as half full, its the best singer verses the best performer. If you see the cup as half empty, you see the person who must beat box to cover his mediocre singing vs. the person who stands there like a bump on a log, as the rest of the general public wonders where Melinda Doolittle is. Either way, it's Jordin Sparks Vs. Blake Lewis, and we get to hear 3 songs - 2 selections from the singers and one rendition each of the masterpiece from the winner of the Idol Songwriting contest (which is sure to be absolutely awful).

By the way. Blake Lewis takes the coin toss - and he elects to go first, leaving Jordin with the second spot and the ability to close out the show. Blake - what are you thinking??!!?!?

Blake Lewis decides that he wants to give singing a good name while crooning 'You Give Love a Bad Name'

The Good - If you're going to pick your best song, and if you're Blake, you need to select either 'I Need to Know' or this song.

The Bad - But that only works if its executed well. If anything, this song was flat in the middle and not done as well as he did it the first time. The Beatboxing was better, but this is not American Beatboxer.

The Verdict - I agree with Randy and Simon. I know the audience is geeked up, but this was not one of his better efforts and he was off, musically.

Jordin Sparks, with her choice of past music decides...to not go that way. Instead she chooses 'Fighter', by Christina Aguilera.

The Good - Great choice of song. She also vents out a little emotion.

The Bad - Like Blake, also pitchy in the middle. She stands there without much choreography or performance.

The Verdict - Not only a great choice to showcase the pitch, she went young to try to remind the kiddies that she needs the votes.

The Decision - Simon gives the round to Blake. I disagree with Simon. I'd rather hear a fresh song done well than a gimmicky song that was not nearly done as well now than earlier in the season.

Round 1 - Jordin Sparks

For Round 2, Blake Lewis, takes a page from Jordin's book and selects a new song from an artist he sang from. The artist - Maroon 5. The song - 'And She Will'

The Good - He softly hits the high notes and felt much more at ease than that first number. he also gets the pitch down and doesn't have that flat problem that he had in the first performance.

The Bad - The problem with singing a new song is when you blank out on the lyrics and just throw words in there that try to make the song sound good. Why didn't he reprise the song from Maroon 5 last week? That would have been a MUCH better selection.

The Verdict - Much better musical performance from effort #1, but that's not saying much. If he didn't beat box, he would sound better, but the issue is that he can't choose a song that exploits his vocal range because he has no vocal range to exploit.

Jordin Sparks reprises Martina McBride's 'Broken Wing'. If she nails this one - which she should, she will go up 2-0 on Blake.

The Good - She doesn't need to 'perform' on a ballad, and she can just emote for the camera. She nails the notes better now than in the first performance.

The Bad - She almost gets blown out by the background musicians, who were aparently trying to break not only the bird's wing, but its eardrums as well.

The Verdict - Round 1 was close. This round - not so much. Jordin Sparks takes this one easily.

Now it's time to unleash the winning Idol song. Ths song is called 'This is My Now', which comes from Seattle. That's also where Blake Lewis comes from. Hmmm...

The Good - His performance is the best that he can do with the song. He wisely takes the song and puts a bit of a rock spin on it and does the best he can do, as it's clearly out of his element.

The Bad - Of all of the songs that they had, they decided to select this cliche-filled formulaic song? Blake can't hit the range on it, as we hear his voice crack on more than one occasion.

The Verdict - I understand that the song isn't his, but this is a song that I expected for him to arrange - and he didn't. That may come back to cost him dearly. The other thing that can cost him dearly - Simon saying that there was talent in Seattle and Blake says that it was ther first time that he lied. Now we all know that he didn't mean it like that, but if you're a newcomer and heard it...oops.

Jordin gets her take on the song. Let's see what she does with it.

The Good - She nails the pitch in the middle of the song and hits some very nice money notes.

The Bad - It's a good thing she did that, because she lets emotion take her and screws up the money notes at the end.

The Verdict - I thought the song was 'ok' when Blake sang it. I actually liked the song when Jordin sang it. That speaks volumes. Round 3 - Jordin Sparks

Overall Verdict - The person who wins Idol is the person who makes the last song their own. That was the same person who I thought was going to win Idol since March and unlike last week, when I stupidly changed my mind from a Blake/Jordin final last week, I'm not changing my mind this time. Blake sang 3 alternative songs. Jordin sang kiddie pop, adult country and adult contemporary. Jordin has more diversity, a better song selection, and most importantly, a better and more emotional vocal range - and that's why she will be the youngest person ever to win American Idol.

Who Should Win - Jordin Sparks

Who Will Win - Jordin Sparks

We'll see in 12 hours who is your next...American Idol.


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