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Idol Thoughts - 3/13/07

Posted by Haterade on March 13, 2007.

This week's theme is Diana Ross. Diana will be mentoring the kids to sing her music. We'll see who's 'Coming Out' to thunderous applause, and who's sense of pitch will be turned 'Upside Down'

Chris Daughtry. Kellie Clarkson. Fantasia Barino. Carrie Underwood. Jennifer Hudson. None of them are going to be on tonight's show, but American Idol decides that they are sure nice to talk about. I'm noticing that they are omitting Last season's winner who trashed the show, the singer who took 'She Bangs' to an all new level of awful, the singer who got dropped for posing in pictures on a porn website, and the singer who dropped out of the competition and who's being accused of sexually fondling a male Idol employee.

This week's theme is Diana Ross. Diana will be mentoring the kids to sing her music. We'll see who's 'Coming Out' to thunderous applause, and who's sense of pitch will be turned 'Upside Down'

Brandon Rogers is up first, and as the first singer, he gets 'You Can't Hurry Love'

The Good - He's got a melodic voice and he finally, FINALLY sings out and doesn't sound like a little lost puppy.

The Bad - He didn't sing like an elephant either, because an elephant never forgets. It would have been better if he remembered the lyrics in the middle of the song. Granted, the song is not supposed to cut like that, but to lead off the show and do that is a cardinal sin.

The Verdict - Deep, deep trouble. There are 5 R and B singers in this competition, and I can't see any of them doing worse than that.

Melinda Doolittle would rather have sweatpants than high heels. Melinda decides to sing 'Home' from The Wiz.

The Good - Of course, she is going to sing great. This week is right in her wheelhouse. And she made Paula cry.

The Bad - That's now FOUR straight R and B standard songs that half of the audience has never heard of.

The Verdict - You are taking the path of Mandisa. You can't keep singing songs that this generation doesn't know. You MUST sing songs that the voters know and relate to. Again, it won't hurt you now, but it will come back to get you later on if you don't start singing more mainstream music.

Chris Sligh decides to sing Endless Love. This is either going to sound really good or really freaky.

The Good - Well, he gets points for creativity.

The Bad - That was freaky. It sort of sounded like Man of La Mancha's 'Dream the Impossible Dream' sung by Meatloaf.

The Verdict - Way too early to be taking risks like that. At this stage of the competition, you're supposed to be luring people to vote for you, not competing against Sanjaya to be the next coverboy for Vote For The

Gina Glocksen says that she has learned a lot from Diana Ross as she sang 'Love Child'. Can she convert from Rock Chick to Soul Sistah?

The Good - Good choice of song. She sang it hard and as rockish as you can get. This is a good thing, because she stayed true to herself, while clearly improving her diction and tonality.

The Bad - It was pitchy all over the place. If she sang this pitchy on her song last week, she could have been in trouble.

The Verdict - I liked this better than the judges did. I think it was good, and this week, good is going to be much better than 2 of the train wrecks that we have witnessed this hour.

Sanjaya Malakar has a mountain to climb. Ryan said that, not me.

The Good - Uhhh...the background singers are nice. The hair is original. And he did remember all of his lines - something you can't say about all of the singers this evening.

The Bad - After she hears this performance, Diana Ross wouldn't be just screaming. When she saw that he even copied the hairdo, she will desperately look for a pair of clippers and shear her own hair off.

The Verdict - Sanjaya lived in Hawaii for the past 4 years. Maybe Hawaiians like this type of music. Unfortunately, those same Hawaiians were able to get Jasmine Trias into the top 3 in American Idol 3. And to cap it off, Sanjaya was not the worst performance of the night, so he shouldn't be the person booted off - and I don't think he will be.

Haley Scarnato says that we'll be missing her. This is almost a must sing well night for her.

The Good - I love this song. I love this arrangement. This has the potential to be a very nice song. And at least she's humble with calling herself a schmuck with her performance.

The Bad - Unfortunately, calling her a schmuck is justified. I hated the pitch that she sang on this song. She started too low and she couldn't get that vocal range that she really needed. And the pitch, which she is usually good on, fails her. She also takes a page out of Brandon's book and mangles the lyrics.

The Verdict - She is in trouble if she sings this on a normal night. Simon is right that she has potential and she has good presence. Ironically enough, in her worst night, she showed the most amount of personality that she ever has, and that may be what saves her.

Phil Stacey wants to make you love him. Last week, I wanted to throw earplugs at him.

The Good - We usually get either the Good Phil or the Broken Phil. This week, we get the Good Phil. Good choice of song and good range.

The Bad - It was still a forced first part of the song. You need to sing a 90 second song for the full 90 seconds, not 45 seconds of wow after 45 seconds of suck.

The Verdict - I don't know if I think he's safe because I like the song, or if he's safe because everything else to this part had been a near mess.

LaKisha Jones, who feels blessed, decides to sing 'God Bless the Child'.

The Good - Excellent song choice. Yes, it was a gospel, BUT it's a gospel that people knew and are familiar with. THAT'S why Lakisha's song choice was better than Melinda's this evening.

The Bad - Like Haley's song, I thought the range was a little too low. She couldn't pull off the high notes like she was able to in previous weeks.

The Verdict - Maybe because it wasn't excellent in a sea of good. More like very good in a sea of polluted, bloated fish. It seems like it's Lakisha and Melinda vs. everyone else right now. Between those two, Lakisha wins it this week.

Blake Lewis listens to a lot of underground/alternative/hip-hop music. He sings 'You Keep Me Hanging On', which was done by Diana, and Kim Wilde, and Tammy Wynette, among others.

The Good - This is actually a different vocal arrangement that works. It's sort of like Erasure mixed with beat-box.

The Bad - Maybe too much like Erasure. The goofy ooohing at the end took him into the realm of 80's Karaoke Hell.

The Verdict - He did take a retreaded song and made it cool. He may not be at the same level as Lakisha and Melinda yet, but he's working on it.

Stephanie Edwards loves Diana Ross and considers her a mentor. She has a...Love Hangover. Heh heh heh.

The Good - She does a very good job with the song she selected. I think she sang this song more soulful than everyone else - except you know who and you know who.

The Bad - If she was truly a mentor, then why is Stephanie going to sing the boring parts of the song? She also has a case of Iforgetthelyricitis.

The Verdict - The one thing you can not afford to do at this time is a completely mediocre effort. That's what Stephanie did, and this week it may cost her dearly.

Chris Richardson may not think he's the boss, but he's singing 'The Boss'.

The Good - He's the first person to take the Taylor Hicks route and walk all over the set. Things like that not only improve a performance, but it adds personality to the singer.

The Bad - I've never heard this song. Out of all of the songs in her catalog, he has to sing THAT one? Plus him walking around made him sound out of breath and like a wounded quail.

The Verdict - Not a good musical effort - but a good PERFORMANCE. The performance will bail him out because the little kiddies will vote for him. That being said, he shouldn't feel too wonderful about that effort.

Diana tells Jordin Sparks to tell a story. Excellent advice. Can she follow it with 'We WIll Hold On Together'?

The Good - She came to sing tonight. This girl has one heck of a strong voice...

The Bad - ...which got very pitchy in the middle of the performance. And once again, it's a song that I bet that 75% of the audience has never heard of.

The Verdict - Like Chris, it was a very good performance, even if it was a little pitchy. I won't go so far as to say that she's with Melinda and Lakisha yet, but she definitely had one of the better performances this evening.

Overall Verdict - People will vote for Lakisha, Melinda, Jordin, Gina and Phil because they are good. Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis have too much of a fan base to be in trouble this early, and Sanjaya has Hawaii, while Haley will get the sympathy vote. So this leaves...

Trouble: Chris Richardson, Brandon Rogers, Stephanie Edwards.

Chris will get enough cute little girlies to vote for him, so he'll get to go back to the safety couch. Brandon and Stephanie are both in an over saturated R and B field, and they both screwed up their lyrics. While Stephanie has had some good performances to go on, Brandon hasn't, and in a field of weak male singers, Brandon will be the first person gone.

Out: Brandon Rogers

Tune in 24 hours from now to see if I'm right.

Reader Comments

Why is nobody mentioning that Melinda Doolittle has no fucking neck?

Posted by Scaramouch.

That is just mean, Scara..You should be ashamed of yourself! ;)

As far as last night's performances, I'd rather stick pins in my eyes that have to listen to Sanjaya one more week..GAWD! Please let him go this week..

Posted by CIndy.

Most mainstream outlets have Brandon going home as well (TV Guide is the only one who has Sanjaya)...

This early in the final, they'll be right.

Posted by The Chairman.

Poor Sanjaya. You can tell everyweek that he just wants to go home but America won't let him.

Posted by Evil Richard.

Yes, Sanjaya is the new John Stevens. we should keep him in as long as we can.

Posted by Scaramouch.

Just an FYI - DialIdol, which has been pretty good in the past, seems to be predicting a very different result - according to them the bottom three are Chris Sligh, Blake Lewis and Stephanie Edwards.

What's more, Sanjaya is third most popular, after Lakisha and Melinda. Oh man hahaha.

Posted by Scaramouch.

I don't think that it would be a stretch to see Chris Sligh in the bottom three. The biggest problem with Dial Idol is that it does not have representation in the Western part of the U.S., which is where most of Blake's contingency is.

As for Dial Idol this year, they have been pretty lousy this year, as they are 4 up and 8 down. This week, they only have Lakisha, Melinda and Sanjaya as safe, with everyone else as in danger of being voted out. If I had the option to select 9 Idols as safe and be given credit for it, I would also have them all right ;).


Posted by Haterade.

Melinda, yeah, I noticed that she has no neck. Kinda freaks me out. She is a great singer, but I don't think America is ready for an idol with no neck.

No. Not going to happen. You have to have a neck.

Posted by William.