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Homeless Frank On The Attorney General Scandal

Posted by Razen on March 22, 2007.

homeless Frank4.jpg

Editor's Note - Homeless Frank lives in front of the building where I work. I pay him food in return for blog entries. For this one he got a bottle of off brand vodka and 3 cans of Vienna Sausages. I've corrected spelling and grammar; all thoughts belong to Frank.

Today Homeless Frank shares his thoughts about the scandal surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.


I see this shit with the Mexican lawyer in the news....Alberto Gonzales motherfucker. This is just exactly what I'm fuckin' talking about. Some jack upped wetback gets all uppity and then he's high and mighty, next thing you know he's firing them white boys and getting his friends in on the free ride.

This shit goes down all the time. Down in El Paso they got these Mexican whores that'll promise you the world on the street and then steal your wallet while they're sucking you off. They got 3 fingers in the crack of your ass and 5 more in your back pocket.

This lawyer motherfucker is the same goddamn thing. I've seen things. I know shit. Weird shit in Mexico. Big ass dogs, glowing eyes. They'll chase you up a telephone pole and make you stay there till sunup.

This Alberto guy thinks he's gonna scrape by with his black haired charm. Just look in his eyes. Same look those Mexican whores gave me. Right before they stole my goddamn food stamps.

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Reader Comments

Aww dude, you gotta make his own website, this dude the fucking shit

Posted by Sara.

Is it too late to get him a nomination to run?

Posted by Goonz.

Get him to say the N-word so he'll have to go to rehab.

Posted by Ron.

This is fake.

Posted by William.

This guy is such a fucking genius.
Publish a book and share the proceeds with him.

Posted by Hugh.

I really don't care if Homeless Frank exists or not, this spot, done periodically is priceless. He always looks at situations from a completely childlike understanding. Love his portrayal of the Mexican shore. 3 up the ass and 5 in the pocket. Aren't most whores like that, or looking to be. Go Frank.

Posted by deriter.

In EL Paso, I bet the whores are like that. I know that place man, fucking downtown transvestites. Bless their little hearts...

Posted by Sara.

In EL Paso, I bet the w hores are like that. I know that place man, fu*&*#$ downtown transvestites. Bless their little hearts...

Posted by Sara.

pure genius

Posted by oneeightseven.