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Size Matters

Posted by Miss Cellania on February 01, 2007.

Does it matter how big your penis is? Of course, it matters to you. If it didn’t you wouldn’t be receiving a hundred spam messages every day about it. But you might get lucky and end up sharing that thing with someone someday. Does it really matter to women?

In the song “Girls Lie, Too”, Terry Clark sings:

Girls lie, too
We don’t care how much money you make
What you drive or what you weigh
Size don’t matter anyway
Girls lie, too

Men tell lies to avoid trouble, simplify conversation, or to make themselves look better. Women lie to save the ego of the person they are taking to. And we know how fragile a man’s ego can be. A woman will let a guy think he’s the biggest she’s ever had, because otherwise he’d go curl up in the fetal position in a corner. She’ll says size doesn’t matter even to a guy she dislikes, because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings.

But its also a way to make conversation simpler. We know you don’t want to listen to a real explanation, which is a bit complicated. And which might still send you curling up in a corner. Poor baby.

The answer is "it depends."
All things being equal, yes, women do prefer a larger penis. Larger than what? Thats one of the complications. There are studies all over the internet, and the “average” they find is different in every study. Four inches. Seven inches. Anywhere in between. I could cite the sources, but you wouldn’t read them anyway. You can measure all you want and you still won’t know what Jane or Mary will think til you try it out. Every woman has her own definition of large and small, and her own preferences. If you are an average guy, you might really impress Jane, then get a fatalistic sigh from Mary. But you shouldn’t be out with two women in one night, anyway.

Another complication is that all things are never equal. A smart woman won’t reject a guy thats a little smaller than her preference until she finds out what else he can do! Does he look into her eyes and make her feel desirable? Does he touch her in places her bikini doesn’t cover? Does he use his hands, his tongue, and (if neccessary) toys or medication? Is he an enthusiastic muff diver? Some talents will compensate well for other shortcomings. There are so many things that factor in, women have a hard time justifying a yes or no answer about whether penis size matters.
Yet another complication is that troublesome male ego itself. A guy with a huge penis gets a lot of interest, leading to a lot of unearned pride. I’ve heard that some young men are deliberately lousy in bed. That way, the unimpressed hookups don’t want a repeat performance, and you’re free to go on to the next conquest. That will catch up to you eventually. Besides the possible market saturation (especially in a small community), you’re going to tire of the chase as you age.

The problem with this guy is that he’s got a big penis and nothing else. If a woman doesn’t sprout orgasms every time, he figures there is something wrong with her, because after all, he’s hung like a horse. What else can a girl ask for? Heh, maybe that he stop acting like a horse's ass.

Its possible to have too much of a good thing. Past a certain size, a big dick starts to look like a choking hazard. One more complication to consider.

Can a woman tell how big guy is without seeing? There is that old canard about shoe size... I once had a new boyfriend who was 6’ 7”. My two girlfriends would stare at his shoes. Then they asked to measure his hands. They were green with envy. His shoes were size 14. I married him. Your results may vary.

(click to enlarge... as if it were that easy)

In researching this article (yeah, thats what it was... research), I found the difference in the way men and women look at penis size is that men think of it in terms of masculinity, heirarchy, and dominance in comparison to other men. Women just want what makes them feel good, and there are many ways to do that. We aren’t going to measure you. Honest. At least not in an obvious manner.

Referring to The Serenity Prayer here, guys should stop worrying about what you can’t change, and focus on what you can change. If you are giving your best and a woman rejects you because your penis is too small for her, there is someone else out there who will either appreciate what size you have, or will appreciate what you do to satisfy her in other ways. Those of you with an oversized dick, use it wisely. And don’t make your woman have to explain all this again.

I’d like to hear from the half-dozen women who read YesButNoButYes. How important is penis size to you?

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Reader Comments

Personally, I'm average: 7.5" but I don't rely on just my penis to get someone off. I'm better @ eating out a woman & tend to get them off more that way than just intercourse alone. One should have more tricks than just sticking it in to work towards the mighty "O"

Posted by AverageJoe.

IME, dudes are waaaaaaaaaay more into their wangs than women are, generally speaking. Yes, size matters, but as the article points out, "size" doesn't mean "monster dong." But for me, "hung up on his crotchular endowment" (for whatever reason) does mean "run away very quickly."

Posted by GirlofToday.

Modesty prevents me from commenting in detail but I've made a few women gasp in my lifetime...and they agree with you, MissC: size most certainly does matter, especially when I, I mean, the guy knows how to use it.

Posted by actor212.

Modesty prevents me from commenting in detail but I've made a few women gasp in my lifetime...and they agree with you, MissC: size most certainly does matter, especially when I, I mean, the guy knows how to use it.

Posted by actor212.

actor212 - do you end with the counterclockwise swirl? Or do you prefer the Pinch?

Posted by Scaramouch.

You can say that again, actor!

Posted by not_over_it.

Errrrrrrr, Scara, I, errrrrr, I prefer the um Venus Flytrap!

Yea. That's the ticket!

Posted by actor212.

Has anyone seen my blog. I'm sure I left it here, but now I can't find it.

Posted by Jellio.

I'm a girl and I have to say that shape matters just as much as size to me. On the purely visual level I like the look of a dick that has a beautifully shaped head, which should be slightly bigger in circumference than the shaft - Teeny weenie heads on thick dicks just look all wrong. Length doesn't matter as much to me as girth does. Long thin dicks are just ew. Luckily my boyfriend has the most gorgeous penis on the planet. I'm a lucky girl.

Posted by zbkat.

OK, I have to say right here and now that that last comment was of a type never before seen on YBNBY. We've been elevated to Cosmo levels. I never thought I'd see the day.

Posted by Scaramouch.

But you have to admit, she is a lucky girl. Hey, you WANTED women to start participating here!

Posted by Miss Cellania.

Actor- you meant Venus Butterfly, I hope.

Posted by Miss Cellania.

My housemate & I were actually talking about this earlier today. What we said eventually came down to, its all depends on what you are used to, size/shape wise I mean.

Posted by eigthwonder.

I am happy to hear that women don't mind a small penis. My penis is under four inches in an erect state and rarely have sex due to this embarasssment. Masturbation is my sexual means of acheiving sexual relief and don't have to worry as to a female laughing at its small size. This has happened to me in the past and I try to avoid it happening again.

Posted by lou.

That Shoes Size to Penis Size convertion tabel is pure bullshit. My shoes size is 14 and my dick is 8 inchs. And to be honest I am not happy with my current size, I wanted it to be bigger.

Posted by Paulo.

If i were you i wouldn't worry about size. For my girl i know all her highest points and i get her lost in lalla land...for a while. Plus if you can substanin it for a while your awsome. Cuz i know some guys that have big sizes but can't substain a long time...he...he....For me the key is find the high points and substain it for a while...and you'll be one lucky one....

Posted by zector Z.

Girls, is 6.75 inches small for a 6'2" 175 pound 19 year old black guy? My girth is 5.5 inches.

Posted by dmm2087.