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Lunch Hour Veg

Posted by Miss Cellania on February 28, 2007.

wedding dance.jpg
Its way more than going over a waltz chart. The cost of the perfect wedding these days now includes a choreographer, and some are well worth the effort. Wedding dances, today on the veg.

Julia and James are Dirty Dancing

Anthony and Claire (he can, she can’t) This isn’t at a wedding, but it was titled Wedding Dance. I think they played the video at the reception. Got some laughs, I bet!

Norm and Renee

What is it with the Michael Jackson songs?

They admitted they don’t know how to waltz.

John and Jill. I believe the bride is the one with the tiara.

Julie and Thierry

Wedding Thriller
(yes, previously posted)

If this veg has too much estrogen for your tastes, complain to the webmaster. The rest of the week will consist of violence, war, and destruction.

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