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Caption Competition

Posted by Jellio on February 03, 2007.


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Reader Comments

"...apprehended earlier this afternoon by an officer that witnesses say was 'a little short for a stormtrooper'."

Posted by Your mom's new boyfriend.

New York City Detective, Andy Sipowicz went on a rampage today.

Posted by discreet_chaos.

Panic erupted at this year's Fashion Week tents, as PETA's latest attempt at publicity involved the entire cast of VH1's Next Top Model, who hadn't shaved any body hair for six months, greeting guests at the front entrance.

Posted by Janice D..

"The suspect pleaded that he had no idea that the Ewok was underage, and that the jar of Vaseline was simply for his chapped lips"

Posted by Mike.

John Travolta sprouts extra hair! Film at 11.

Posted by HH.

getting caught by the fuzz was a wookie mistake

Posted by big tav.

after being told he had the right to remain silent the suspect responded "EUWWWWAAAAAAA"

Posted by MIller.

With wookie acting jobs in short suply, and his money running low, Chewbaka began experimenting with harder drugs.

Posted by slag_10.

And in other news: Robyn Williams was arrested today...

Posted by Cobobrob.

"Her inner soul....."

Posted by virtualkey.