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Lunch Hour Veg

Posted by Scaramouch on December 18, 2006.


In Jellio's absence, a substitute Veg - great Ad parodies

Andy Dick on The Gap

Apply directly to the forehead

I shouldn't laugh at this, because I'm a mac addict

Stephen Colbert on the iPod

Straight talk from Will Ferrell

Now this is what I call freestyle

Remember that Honda "Choir" ad?

You'll recognize it when you see "it"

And finally one to give us all nightmares

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Reader Comments

Wow. I used to love this site but I can't stand it anymore. All you ever do is post embedded youtube videos and talk about Second Life. What happened to your interesting articles, back when you would, you know, write something? Not you Miss Cellania. Your site is still funny.

Posted by SushiJoe.

Wow...SushiJoe...we're really, really sorry. What can we do to make it up to you?

Oh wait, I forgot, I don't give a fuck what you think.

Posted by Jellio.

Well, that was quite a couple of fascinating comments indeed...

Posted by Alistaire Moon.

Can't we all just get along?

Joe, I hear what you say but I'm not sure I agree, Razen's top ten list of mashups was a good read. We're certainly featuring more video than we used to, but then, with youtube, isn't everyone?

I've heard some comments from people saying "you guys are not as good as you used to be" and I think that's just a case of not being able to please all of the people all of the time. Our traffic figures are slowly climbing, as is the number of repeat and loyal visitors. So you lose some, you gain some.

Joe, if you find a site that you think is doing a better job than us, on the same kind of budget (ie nothing at all) let me know, I'd love to take a look.

Posted by Scaramouch.

Apparently Joe is not one of Time Magazine's Persons of the Year.

Posted by Evil Richard.