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Lunch Hour Veg

Posted by Jellio on December 15, 2006.


Today on the veg...Newsroom Bloopers

Oh my God, I've got friends.

What was that in the box?

This is what hapens when you don't eat breakfast.

I always like a nice curbjob.

Where do you keep your Black fags? I'm late for a funeral.

Well, keep it to yourself.

Oh, my goodness.

Who's screwing with the Metro Traffic board?

That's not very nice. She's just a little kid.

I've always leaned towards the Syrian erections, myself.

Pay close attention

Jane Skinner has a one track mind.

Maybe you should buy your home dinner, first.

What the fuck.

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Reader Comments

how funny... your front picture there is from my hometown in da U.P.
Yay TV 6 news in Marquette!

Posted by erika.