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So now all the juicy backstory is coming out...

You may have read on TMZ that a couple people say Michael Richards pulled this same shit a few months ago at The Improv with a Jewish patron...'You're a f---ing Jew.' Your people are the cause of Jesus dying." Nice, right? So I'll bet if we do a little more digging, we'll find he's said some things about homosexuals, Hispanics, Asians, Catholics, Muslims...who knows, midgets? He may pull this shit all the time.

It's also been reported that Richards is "a ticking time bomb of rage who refuses to let anything stop his art" (great...his art) He gets crazy if he bombs (who doesn't), if he's heckled, even if he's delayed. Apparently, booking him is like playing comedy Russian roulette. But his Seinfled cred packs the house, so it's worth it to the club owners.

Knowing this, maybe it's true that he wasn't being racist (hard to believe, I know). But maybe something else is going on...
(a) Maybe he WAS playing a character. Maybe his "art" includes trying to shock the shit out of the audience to prove a point.
(b) Maybe he's so bad at stand-up that he never got past Comedy 101 of knowing how to handle a heckler. He gets thrown into a spin so bad that he just starts saying really inappropriate stuff.
Or (c) Maybe he's just a jerk. He's a guy who got really lucky with the lovable Kramer character, but in real life he's a horse's ass.

So here's the point. The people who come out and automaticaly pull the racist card. Or the people who automatically pull the homophobic card (see Rosie/Kelly Ripa nightmare earlier this week), or the anti-Semetic card, or the prejudiced against Hispanics card, or the prejudiced against whoever card...THAT SHIT DRIVES ME UP A FUCKING WALL. And I'll tell you why. Maybe the a-hole in question isn't racist, or homophobic, or whatever. Maybe he or she is just a jerk, a dumbass, a douchebag. Maybe they just hate people, in general. And guess what, EVERY GROUP HAS SOME OF THOSE GUYS. I happen to be male, white, Italian, and Catholic. And I know COUNTLESS assholes who fit into those categories, But I also know several who are African-American, Jewish, homosexual, female, distant relatives, myself on Mondays, whoever. They're everywhere...can't do anything about it...gotta live with it. But figuring that out, instead of going down racist highway doesn't have that juicy side benefit of splitting people into the he's racist/he's not racist camps. It actually may even bring people together to collectively look at the person in question and say...Did you hear the stupid shit that guy just said? See? Carries the same derogatory connotation, but doesn't have the unwanted possibility of pitting one onlooker against another (unless one happens to be his mother, 'cuz mom's always gonna side with her boy)

But we're a soundbite nation, aren't we? And saying "Racist remarks at 11" is more titilating than saying "hey, check out dumbass" and inifinitely easier than waiting for the real story. Knee jerk reactions are easy, but they unfortunatley drive stakes further and further between people, and in these red vs. blue days, we've got enough of those.

There is one useful side benefit for me, though. The people with the knee jerk reactions. The one's that immediately say he's racist, or she's homophobic, or they're anti-semetic. The ones that immediately gravitate to THAT POLITICALY CORRECT BULLSHIT. I've found that alot of times, they're the real assholes in the room, and more often than not, their first priority in making the statement is to tell you something about themselves, rather than the person in question. And when they ID themselves like that for me, it helps me decide who I should avoid like the fucking plague.

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