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Enter our contest or we'll shoot this toy.

Posted by Jellio on November 07, 2006.


Anyone remember about a month ago, in the Breakfast Links, when I briefly mentioned I bought one of the 8,000 Tickle Me Elmo's for sale on eBay? You thought it was joke, right? Well we're not messing around here, kids. When I say I'm going to buy a toy meant for 4 to 8 years olds, I do it. Only problem is, now I have a Tickle Me Elmo, and I'm way too old and mature for that. Also, it doesn't look good next to my Evel Kneivel. So, now what?

Well, how about this? I'm going to give away the little guy, and all you have to do is watch the Lunch Hour Veg in November. Then, on December 1st, I'll post a YesBut Mensa Lunch Hour quiz at noon. First one to e-mail the correct answers gets it. Sound good?

Now for the questions...1) What's a YesBut Mensa Quiz? A) Well, for newcomers to the site, it's a quiz Scara put together earlier this year. This time, all answers will be based on November Lunch Hour Veg posts. 2) Can employees of YesBut play? A) You think we get paid for this crap? Sure, anyone can take a shot. But don't think a YesBut writer has an unfair advantage. If you've been paying attention, you've noticed we keep reposting each other's shit, so we're obviously not reading anyone else's articles but our own...we're vain like that. 3) Did you do anything, like...weird, to the Elmo, then put it back in the box? A) never even opened it. And what's with the question?

So check out the lunch hour veg every day, or just come back on November 30th and watch them all in the Lunch Hour Veg section...because the 6,704 Elmo's left on eBay now won't last forever.

PS: As practice...a little mini quiz based on last week's posts. Take a shot.

1) 3 T B F N D T N
2) 1 B G T A F D
3) 3 G 4 T V V F S
4) 2 G S P O T G S
5) 1 F T 1 3 V O H

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