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Lunch Hour Veg

Posted by Jellio on October 09, 2006.


Today on the veg...Reservoir Things

Reservoir Cats

Reservoir Hogs

Reservoir Penguins

Reservoir Ponies

Reservoir Clowns

Reservoir Joes

Reservoir Rings

Reservoir Dwarves

Reservoir Legos

Reservoir Bunnies

Reservoir Fakes

...and the Real Reservoir Thing

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Reader Comments

Interestingly enough, in the original he cuts off the ear first and then douses him with gasoline. But in the first few they show the exact reverse.

Posted by Bluebulb.

You forgot the Jimmy Neutron episode where he clones himself several times. They walk down the street to a mock-tune of Little Green Bag

Posted by Alex.

There is a crappy Chilean TV Soap Opera intro called " Machos" on channel 13 that shows the same song, cam shots and cuts.
WOW ...South American TV SUCKS !!

Posted by chileno.