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Lunch Hour Veg

Posted by Jellio on September 28, 2006.


Today on the veg...truly one of a kind, Mitch Hedberg

...on turkeys

...on juice

...on donuts

...on blenders

...on Crank Yankers

...on Dr. Katz

...and at my Alma Mater (it's amazing what you can find on the YouTube)

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Reader Comments

What a legend!

Posted by Wezzo.

posted by wezzo? who is this wezzo? i know one dude named wezzo and if your him thats insane...where you from man?

Posted by dan.

Huh, posted by Jellio.

I made the comment, doubt you know me though, from South Africa.

Posted by Wezzo.

DUDE!!! It's me Dan...from Durban!! You remember....tallish guy with brown hair! Totally crazy running into you like this Wezzo. So, how's the rash??

Posted by dan.

Whoa Wezzo, u remember me too from Jo-burg? ;)

Posted by Gordon.

all of mitch hedberg's televised 'stuff' can be found at

weird how every show is the same 30 jokes... i die a little every time i hear them, but i love them all the same.


Posted by Quinton Brower.

for those who don't know who google is... the video archive is precisely found at


Posted by Q.