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On the Dark Side

Posted by Miss Cellania on August 21, 2006.

Looks like some of the missing Apollo 11 moon footage has been found. In a Pink Floyd video.

The reel belongs to Australian film producer and rock video director Peter Clifton, who had all but forgotten a pristine 16-millimetre film of the moon landing was part of his vast personal film catalogue.

Mr Clifton had ordered the reel in 1979 for a rock film he was making about Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon but forgot he had it until seeing a news report on television recently.

Go figure.

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Reader Comments

Yo man! No video there! What gives!

Posted by Botunda.

oh... link is to article, not the video...

Yeah, sorry about that.

Posted by Botunda.

i wanna see the vid...........

Posted by notjohndoe2.

where is the video?

Posted by tacoman.

The news story says, "So I took a couple of shots out of it and cut it together with the Dark Side Of The Moon demo for the Floyd film. But I was so busy I never got a chance to finish it and the film just went into the vaults."

The documentary film referred to here was never finished.

Posted by Miss Cellania.