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I Love Lamp.

Posted by Jellio on May 28, 2006.


Scenes from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Walked the ICFF show this week (I remember it being bigger). As always, really enjoyed seeing the latest in home furnishings from across the globe, with some of the inevitable same old, same old thrown in.

One trend I noticed this year was the abundance of new lighting fixtures. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention before, but this year I saw some very wild and ornate stuff, with much of it taking that "classic design/new materials" angle. The image above is from the lite brite booth (which initially had me curious for another reason).

Some more images after the jump.

Tord Boontje not only has amazing stuff, he also has the name most fun to say when you've had a few.

The material around these globes is actually crocheted yarn. One more sign that knitting has come back with a passion.

This interlocking curtain was one of about a dozen items I saw in felt. I like's fuzzy.

The latest in human soupbowls from DutchTub. Still not sure if this is too much for the livingroom, but it does look fun.

Like I said...classic idea, dfferent perspective. By the way, if you're really into chandeliers...

This is screaming to be someone's DIY project.

You wouldn't believe how much there is out there in inflatable living accomodations.

Even bike storage can be more interesting if you just give it a little thought. Ask the folks at cycloc, they'll tell ya.

And the best for last...two of my favorite finds. Vintage highboy dressers re-finished in grafitti.

And design legend Gaetano Pesce comes back with some very wild modular seating. Much better picture here.

For more cool images (a few of which I borrowed), check out MocoLoco, DesignSponge and Inhabitat.

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