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Super Bowl XL: Notes from the Blogosphere

Did he make it?

Man, I would've paid serious pay-per-view money to see Stevie Wonder, Aaron Neville, Aretha Franklin and Mick Jagger blown up at halftime. Can we work that out for next year?

Oh, more football now.

Man, neither one of these teams really wants to win too badly. Looks like the refs are gonna' help the Steelers out a bit. That's nice. Speeds things up.

South of Sanity

The Steelers won the Superbowl!! One for the thumb!! I have a 6 ft inflatable penis in my room!! too bad I have tons of homework.
omg...on sunday me n kenz went to a superbowl party at a church! Well i dont go to church(tho i shuld)...and so i didnt know wat was appropriate to say or not lol..so like after evry word i said, id b like r u allowed to say that in God's house, n stuff like that! it was so flippin funny!...n i kept sayin OMFG! n we all kno wat that means lol...AHH...i couldnt help it..
Found somewhere with the game and was able to watch the second half with a few other North Americans. We had international commentary or something. Some jackass colour-man who kept trying to explain the rules of American Football to the international audience.
Travelogue 2006

I so totally watched the Superbowl on Sunday. I'm still not quite sure what team I was rooting for, but I'm pretty sure I was rooting for the Steelers.
Kinda smart, but still mostly blonde.
That pregnant dinosaur from the Hummer ad looks exactly like Jerome Bettis. Good foresight on their part.
Dead Spin
One of today's verbal Blasts goes out to the horrid officiating crew of the Superbowl, which might have put in one of the worst performances of all time for any previous Superbowl. They blew call after call, called ticky-tack penalties, that went in only one direction ,and even blew the Instant -Replay; turning the system itself into a joke.So BLAST THE SUPERBOWL XL OFFICIALS !! THEY STUNK!! AND THE ROLLING STONES DID NOT SOUND GOOD EITHER!
the superbowl was a sham. The officials must have been Steelers fans... the first touchdown was definately a touchdown, i mean the guy just put his arm out for balance and the other guy happened to be in that general area, it was not a 'push' and then rotheswhateverhisnameis did not get the ball over the line. Mick Jagger however looked pretty damn good for a almost 70-yr old rocker, only about .0001% of the population could wear those pants and get away with it. Aretha/Dr. John/Aaron Neville on the other hand, well, that was just sad.
The Cure for Boredom is Curiosity
it's just a football game and is not a life or death situation. Its not worth getting too upset over. Just be proud that the Seahawks got the honor of playing in the Superbowl.
Jerks need not apply
Seahawks Win SuperBowl!!!!!!!! Get screwed by NFL.
Kyle's Journal
The folks who sang the national anthem and the halftime show with the Rolling Stones? HORRRRRIBLE! Note to self: Next time, order the Lingerie Bowl for halftime! Or even Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl II (with the kitty halftime show) might've been better...
The Learning Curve
So those yanks couldn't handle a few ancient Stones lyrics from the 70's at the Superbowl... I mean, how long has Start Me Up been knocking around the airwaves!!?
the time always comes
there is 1 thing good about the steelers winning super bowl XL: Jerome Bettis got a super bowl ring....... he deserved it.
the steelers had to deal with white and blue stripe wearing refs when we played indy. guess what, we were a good enough team to over come to poor effeciating. the seahawks really don't have an excuse to use, they simply didn't play well enough.
I thought I was watching a High School football game and not a bunch of professional ($$$$$$$ paid) athletes competing out there last night. Though you do have to admit that flea flicker pass was sweet...
Michael's Rants
The Super Bowl sure sucked. Even the commercials bit. I can't decide what the worst part was - the Oldy Stones, the officiating (Big Ben did NOT cross the plane), Hassleback, or the ads. Oh I know what was the worst - my final score prediction. I'm an idiot.
Shoot From the Hips
I still go to Super Bowl parties because I feel like a traitor to my country if I don't. If I didn't watch the Super Bowl, it would be like saying I don't like apple pie or baseball or the Fourth of July. It would be like giving the finger to the American flag. I watch the Super Bowl year after year because that's what George Washington would have wanted, dammit.

But this year, I was actually captivated, entranced, seduced by something so awe-inspiring, so glorious, I was afraid to look at it too long for fear I might go blind. This thing had little to do with the game itself, though it made its presence felt throughout the proceedings. This thing, my friends, was Troy Polamalu's Mane of Life.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

What a joke this years advertisements were. No classics and few funnies, but much stupidity. Burger King's dance commercial. Though dumb and embarrassing, it did leave you remembering it. Not to mention, if Brooke Burke is in it, it's fine with me! One who did do OK was Bud Light. The bear and the friend who stole the beer was quite funny. Other than these, I can't think of really any that were that funny, or I can remember. Weak performance by all!
Lance's Blogger
.i told u steelers were going to win the super bowl and they did haha.steelers are going to win the 6th super bowl next year.seahawks will not go to or win the super bowl agian or the colts.steelers are #1and it will stay that wayfor ever.
kolton's space
The ads sucked (magic fridge being the most notable exception), the Stones still rock, and the game came out as it was supposed to.
Chronicles of a Life
I'm still in shock that the refs were that fucking blind. It was just awful. All I heard on the radio yesterday was Steelers fans calling in and rubbing it in that they won. Talk about being sore winners. And since I was being a sore loser, I kicked my own ass around and now have a better attitude towards it. Bitching isn't going to turn back time and make the game fair. Besides, the Seahawks will back next year to kick even more ass! :) This was the first Super Bowl that I actually sat down and watched attentively the whole entire time. Plus it was really fun bitching, cussing, and screaming at the TV with our neighbor, Wes. He and I were on fire during the second half and you'd have thought we went psycho.
Proceed with Caution
I was about to write some big long thing about football, actually. Mostly, about the Steelers. And my family. And something about how I dig all the cheesiness surrounding Sunday night (Bettis, The Sweet Steelers), the controversy (Porter and Stevens-- were we desperate for news or what?, bad referees), and the fact that for all the bitching and moaning, this was the biggest Super Bowl audience countrywide since 1990. The last time the Steelers were in the Super Bowl.
i have no pants!
I understand that penalties are penalties. I don’t blame the officials. They are taught to throw the flag on certain occasions, and if they are in position to see a penalty, then they have to throw that flag. That official who called the push off on Darrell Jackson had to make that call. He was standing right there, and he was following the rules of the league. You can’t really blame the official even if you thought the call was cheap. If anything, I’m advocating for some policy changes in the NFL league office to lessen the impact that officials have on the outcome of the game.
We Is Notre Dame
Cute quote.... "Mike Holmgren's wife and daughter spent Super Bowl Sunday as part of a medical mission in Africa. They wanted to be someplace where they would be safe from zebras." ;)
Addicted to LOST
Will someone please tell Careerpath.com and Go Daddy to get a new marketing team? I’ve seen enough monkey ads to last me more than four quarters, although I do admit the new jackass spot was a nice diversification and interesting. And as for Go Daddy, yes sex sells and she’s not hard to look at in any way, but the same ad how many times?? And since I’m not going to get a hot date with her anyway, why the hell should I use Go Daddy as an ISP? (Just thought I asked. Don’t tell the wife I said that.) Somewhere, there should be a law that says the Super Bowl can only run an advert once during the game. Once, no more.
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Great roundup, BFC! I'm firmly in the camp of The Stones being without doubt the most entertaining, least embarrassing halftime show I've seen in ten years.

Although why Mick Jagger decided to sing "Though I twy" like some aging version of Tweety Bird, I have no idea.

said Scaramouch on February 7, 2006 11:40 PM.

the man certainly has energy. it was fun watching him get farther out of frame as his cameraman lost the race. i like the stones and i think they rocked the joint. i know it's hard for live events, but i wish the sound was better.

said bigfatcreative on February 8, 2006 12:06 AM.

I didn't watch the Superbowl this year. Took the opportunity to go out to dinner at a popular restaurant without having to wait for a table. But I love the fact that the skittish network censored lyrics from "Start Me Up" which has never been censored on the radio and made it to #2 on the charts in its day with the "dead man come" lyric intact.

said Evil Richard on February 8, 2006 10:19 AM.

I think my puppy allie soulde be in the puppy allie like to with other dogs and toys.

said courtney on July 24, 2006 2:56 PM.
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