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Commuting Suicide: New Logo

Posted by aquaman on February 11, 2006.


I'm proud to announce the winner of our "Design-me-a-logo-and-win-you-a-crappy-novelty-shirt" contest. A big hand for Miami art director Peter Ekstein.

An exciting day for all of us.

Thanks to all the people who stunned me by submitting logos. I truly expected deafening silence. Peter, I'll let you know when the t-shirt is sent. Wear it proudly.

With a snazzy new logo, I'm going to up the frequency of these posts. If you're just getting on board, take a tour through the Commuting Suicide archives.

One last note -- this contest was slated to run through Valentine's Day. Sorry. Patience was never my thing.

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Reader Comments

Hey, that's an excellent logo - well done Peter, don't let him fob you off with one of the cheap T Shirts.

Posted by Scaramouch.