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I'm starting to feel crowded on this little fragile blue rock. Nowhere to go. Governments everywhere taxing, killing, kidnapping, imprisoning, brainwashing, and controlling everyone. If we don't find a way off soon, the human race may never know freedom again.

Where's my gawd-darn rocket!!?!? It's ten years too late and I'm not getting any younger!!!

heliosphere's Journal

Honestly, I wish people weren't so fucking retarded. So many people are so caught up in stupid bullshit that they forget they have a life to live. I am sick and fucking tired of people bitching about this or that. Jesus fucking christ, shut the fuck up.

Personaly, I am taking the next three months to become as proficient as possible at killing and healing people. I am also trying to get into damn good shape. I run 5 to 10 miles a day. I am starving myself. I am busting my ass, spending a shit load of money on ammunition, and putting myself through all the stress i can. Do you know why? Because if I don't, people could die. I could die. That is what I wanted though.

My Life as a Rock Star!

Everytime I see someone in a wheel chair, I get pissed right the fuck off! Why? Cuz you can walk and you know it! Hell, I've seen dudes without legs walk on their hands, they're fucking troopers and deserve hand jobs of only the finest. Only lazy bastards go around on wheel chairs and have a chair or someone else do their movement for them. Lazy fuckers. Go into any store and you'll see an obsesse woman going around on one of those motorized carts, they all say the same thing too. "I can't walk, I'm obesse." Bull shit! Maybe you wouldn't be obesse if you'd get off your ass once in a while and walked a bit, dumb ass. Ya ever think about that?
Jake's Journal

i feel like OD'ing of 10 freaking OC's i mean damn im at the point in which i feel like crying....life is something i should have never been given..maybe it wasnt meant for me...maybe i was a damn accident...you know what i dont give a fuck anymore...everyone can kiss my ass im tired of hearing "Beth/Bethie I love you" im not stupid, i know the shit that ppl have put into my head isnt real its all a damn dream...just back the fuck off and leave me alone...pls...life isnt for me...so i guess im gonna put a god damn stop to it once and for all.......maybe all u dicks out there in the damn world would be better off and u will realize how freaking perfect ur damn life will be........Im Out...My times up....Goodbye..and say whatever the fuck u wanna say to dope....i know im not gonna say no anymore.
Bethies Space
I have this overwhelming feeling like I am going to cry, and I have no idea why. I have this feeling like everyone in the world hates me, and I just feel really alone all of a sudden. This definetely isn't the first time this has happened to me. I hate getting like this.

Nothing feel's the same anymore. I feel like everyone close to me and everything close to me is just slipping away...feel like I'm public enemy #1.

Oh and for clarification, I'm not emo.

Sweet Euphoria
My mother will never fully love me. She disrespects me at every turn. She points out my weaknesses and faults all the time along with my husbands. She complains all the time that the house is not clean enough. Alex and i are lazy. We are both immature and don't know how to be adults. Etc. Maybe we are all those things maybe we aren't. Reguardless, I am putting my ass on the line for her. we are not supposed to have anyone living with us. She has been here since the end of September and has not attempted to get her own place or provide for the household. She buys toilet paper and that is it. No dish soap, garbage bags, soap, laundry detergent, etc. It makes me so mad because she was living in a house where the dogs pissed all over the house and it was always dirty. Yet she sits in judgement of me. She needs to look at her own back yard! have a nice day everyone.

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What we can learn from Donna "Treasure Bombshell" Simpson?
Dear Treasure Bombshell If you don’t’ love yourself think of your daughter. W

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