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this year i just have one big blanket-style resolution - a complete attitude adjustment.

No suicide attempts under any circumstances at all.

try and be less argumentative and confrontational (especially when drunk)

drink pepsi instead of coke

Stay awake during the sermon in Church

Prepare Arizona for the arrival of the PIG (mailing in advance sex offender registration forms to Washington, etc.)

chill to my fullest potential. (hahha)

no resolutions this year. life goes on.

help out when needed alot more

Gracefully enter my 30's and adulthood. That means no crying.

I suppose one of my resolutions should be to "be less petty and hateful and territorial" but... meh. I accept who I am.

Now, I am perpetually stuck and it's the New Year and I should be filled with resolutions, hopes, and dreams. Why did I delude myself into thinking that 2006 would be a clean slate that would suck less than 2005? I feel so incredibly cheated.

gain 10 pounds
get sraight B's and C's
stay completely single for all of 2006
have no fun whatsoever

Switch to homemade coffee, although it tastes like crap. Splenda can suck my butt. That's what I get for trying to be a bit more healthy. I'm going back to golden brown sugar, baby. That's money.

I spent a better part of adolescence trying to change the world and when I realized that the world is incapable of changing I slid into mediocrity. Why relive that every year with hollow resolutions?

Nope, men are not on my list! No time, no energy for that mess. After the last jackass, it will be a looooooong time before I even entertain thoughts of going through that again. Life is less complicated, cheaper and less chaotic without them anyway.

No more getting stupid drunk. Too many times last year, especially in the last few months, i've got completely shitfaced, and probably more often than not, I've made a bit of an idiot out of myself. Well no more!

figure out the inside of my own head. Or at least bits of it. I'm going to do a Heero-esque, systematic cataloguing of my emotions, and I am going to figure out what I feel, who I feel it for, and how this affects me.

Build storage shed

I should really do less christian seducing and more essay writing.

i don't make new year's resolutions, i'm a work in progress.

By the end of this year, I want to be 5'6" tall.

Stop sleeping with overpriced Polynesian midget-hookers - I have to throw a few ringers in here so I know I'll experience some degree of success.


Get a job for this semester and get a real job after May. Hopefully with Adtran down in Huntsville,Alabama. Looks like a few pagan groups down there.

never miss an opportunity

I need to stop helping people, I find that i am too nice of a guy and I need to once and awhile be a dick, it's the only way to stop people from treating me like dirt, show them that I can kick someone down aswell.

Hm. This year I'm going to try to stop being such a pest. And I'm also going to take Kylia out to dinner or the movies every Saturday night if she wants, like Ma says Da always did when they were my age. I dunno. I remember back when Mikey was starting to date May he would always just follow her around and stuff like a puppy or something. And then he would do little thoughtful things like the time he made her candles for her birthday. But still I dunno. He's always been better at that kind of stuff than me. I'm just better at flirting than him. Ah haha ha!

SMILE!! There you go, that wasn't so hard was it?

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