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James Frey: Notes from the Blogosphere

I cannot tell a lie

Frey's book is the literary equivalent of that drunk stranger at the party who grabs you by the shoulder and insists on telling you all about his divorce and his Chapter 11 and that time he banged those two cocktail waitresses in Macon, never noticing you're ready to chew off limbs to escape him.
Chase's Cavalcade of Whimsy
Bryn said something to me about me being like James Frey and don't know what the fuck she was talki
I am just hoping that all this criticism is not going to push him back into addiction after being sober for thirteen years!
My Life

I don't care what everyone including Oprah have to say about James Frey....If you have ever known an addict who is mentally ill...then you understand that what they see as reality may not be reality...damn it..and if he remembers it that way say la vi....
A Day in the Life of the Party
that lying fuck James Frey has fucked things up for the rest of us with his best-selling bullshit
She was downright nasty to Frey, and made him look like a vulnerable little puppy looking for validation. It was pathetic, and I cringed the entire time I watched it.
The Tao of Kate
Have I mentioned how much I dislike Ms. Oprah Winfrey. I mean, and a whole helluva lot. Can someone explain to me why she can't get over herself?And at what point exactly did she step just far enough over the line into the world of disconnected celebreality in which she now lives... oh how she bothers me. And I hope that James Frey sends her a basket full of dead rats. Bloody ones.
yummies in the mountains
I think James Frey is stupid, and so does Neal Pollack. "Yesterday, I removed my Teeth with a Pliers and then removed someone else's teeth with the same Pliers and replaced my teeth with them. Because you are a Liar, James Frey... If I were to write a Memoir of my Drug Addiction, it would be called, I Smoked Pot And Sent A Silly Email To My Ex-Girlfriend, And Then I Watched Futurama For A While." Rock.
the girl with violets in her lap
james frey has created a story that is based on events in his life that jarred a once so stable mind. for anyone that wants a refund on his book - come see me. i will beat you down with my wooden bat and will take that book from your hands because you do not deserve to own it. i used to respect oprah but this makes me question that.
this is the fire of waking life
I really hope he has learned a lesson from all this and will continue in his personal growth. He should be given much credit and praise for the demons he has beaten; those should never be overlooked, but it's the whole human package that really counts...and should be looked at.
Wizzy's Journal
Thank you, Oprah,for your committment to truth and thank you for all you do!
Jennifer Lauck's Blog
we were instructed to REMOVE James Frey's Million Little Pieces from biography to self-help. I have to say he fits in right next to Sigmund Freud. (Right where he belongs because he's mental.) I would've very kindly removed the Oprah stickers from the front, but was told not to. It's not that I don't have any sympathy or compassion for his "story," or what happened to him, but he LIED.
“James. Come on my show tomorrow. I’ve got to save face and bitch you out with my words.”

The only reason James Frey is getting slapped around like coke-mule is because he lied to Oprah and Oprah turned around and lied to her bookclub, which made her look bad in front of everyone. That’s all.

apropos of nothing

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I read recently that Frey is not going to write a book about this experience. Personally, I'd love to read about that! I still feel sorry for him. I bought and read both of his books and I don't feel even slightly betrayedby his embellishments. I think he's a talented writer. Period. I would buy his next book. And I'm still sore at Oprah for acting like a big horse's ass.

said Cindy on January 29, 2006 8:32 PM.
pop culture
blog on the
maybe not.

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