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Commuting Suicide: Volume VIII

Posted by aquaman on January 06, 2006.

Commuting Suicide
Killing myself slowly, day after day

Volume VIII: "A Commuter Conundrum"

Here's a question for all my fellow public transportation users. Your answer provides a real window into your personality.

You have two choices:

1. You could accidentally pour a cup of hot coffee on the person seated beside you.

2. You could have that person accidentally pour coffee on you.

Before you answer, think through each option. Your clothes might get ruined. His/her clothes might get ruined. One of you could be seriously burned. Immediately after spilling, you could get punched in the neck.

There's no right answer. Like the old "would you rather drown or burn to death?" conversation starter.

For my fare, I'd rather wear the coffee than spill it. Makes better fodder for a future installment of Commuting Suicide.

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Reader Comments

Whoever is trying to drink hot coffee on a commuter bus is a frigging idiot, and deserves everything they get.

Posted by Scaramouch.

I actually did manage to spill a cup of hot tea on a fellow commuter once. Accidentally. We dated briefly afterwards. Now you know.

Posted by Veronica.