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Man vs. Beast

Posted by aquaman on November 15, 2005.


As per official suburban protocol, my wife and I were issued a yellow lab puppy over the weekend. I took this week off to help get her acclimated to her new surroundings. It's been an adventure.

Because Bailey and I spent much of the day in the basement, we were without TiVo access. Our daytime TV options managed to underwhelm.

She found the Charles in Charge theme song appealing. But, unlike the laugh track voice talent, Bailey didn't enjoy the shallow dialogue and unrealistic setup. She briefly perked up after realizing Copeland College was supposed to be New Jersey's own Rutgers. But in the end, Bailey felt the plot was too implausible, and showed her disain for the Buddy Lembeck character by wetting the floor.


Right now, we're watching an old episode of The West Wing. Both of us were thoroughly entertained by the appearance of Dennis Haskins ("Mr. Belding") and his ridiculous moustache. "I can't believe 'C.E.O. Donor #2' didn't become a recurring character," Bailey joked.


Although Bailey hadn't heard about the Terrell Owens suspension until Sunday, she's already sick of the topic. She barks when I try to sneak on the NFL Network. Like me, she feels the T.O.-less Eagles are wildly overrated and will not finish better than 8-8.

And, again like me, she's yet to form an opinion on Al Gore's new network.

To see Bailey grow up, go to

Reader Comments

Bailey for blog mascot. Congrats dude.

Posted by Jellio.

Cute pup! Good idea keeping him in the basement. I spent all weekend steamcleaning our carpets. Try having two puppies at once.

Posted by Evil Richard.