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Where are they now: Popstars

Posted by Scaramouch on September 21, 2005.

If I were to ask you to name which group scored the highest new entry for an all-girl band in the history of the Billboard 100, you might make a few intelligent guesses as to who it might be. The Go-Gos? The Bangles? The Spice Girls? No, no and no.

The answer is Eden's Crush, a group created as part of one of the first of the modern reality TV shows - WB's Popstars, back in 2001. Their album didn't fare so well, and a year later, they broke up. So get your toes tapping to the sound of “Get Over Yourself (Goodbye)”, their #1 hit, as we ask - where are they now?

Ivette Sosa
Ivette, who hails from Edison, NJ had been acting since childhood, and actually turned down a part in Broadway's Rent to join Eden's Crush. Great decision, Ivette. Since the band split in 2002, Ivette has acted in a variety of TV bit parts and commercials, as well as appearing in a feature role in the move Chasing Papi. Ivette also turned her Popstars experience into a one-woman cabaret show, Confessions of a former Popstar. (“I have to confess, it was AWESOME”). Last seen judging a youth talent show at Edison Township's Annual Family Festival, but you never know what the future may bring - sign up to her newsletter here!

Maile Misajon
After the producers auditioned thousands of girls for Eden's Crush and were unable to find exactly what they wanted, they looked at each other and said “fuck this”, and went and cast Maile, completely bypassing the system, the rules, and indeed the whole format of the show. So where is this savior now? Wikepedia helpfully tells us “Maile Misajon is married.” IMDB informs us that she also had an unforgettable role as “Girl on Date” in the 2003 movie “Jack Woody” (which sounds like a porno, but probably isn't.) Extensive background digging on my part also turned up the scoop that she has a dog named “Angel”. You heard it here first.

Ana Maria Lombo
Ana Maria is currently enrolled in college and “working on her music”. Probably in the shower. Her last screen appearance was in The Bold & The Beautiful, in August 2004. Man, I wish I'd never begun this Where Are They Now, because these women have just dropped off the face of the Earth.

Rosanna Tavarez
At last, life after Popstars. Rosanna appeared in On The Air With Ryan Seacrest, the now cancelled chat show of American Idol host, Brian Dunkelman Ryan Seacrest. The world of Popstars to the world of American Idol. Quite a stretch there. Rosanna's latest project was as co-host of the TV Guide Channel show, Reality Chat, alongside American Idol finalist Kimberley Caldwell. Hmm, I think I see a recurring theme here.

Nicole Scherzinger
Of course, I've saved the best for last. As the lead singer of Eden's Crush, Nicole always seemed to be the one with the most talent. So it's no surprise that she has landed on her feet, as the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, currently #1 on the UK singles chart for the second week in a row with their hit, Don't Cha, and taking Europe by storm. Here's a quicktime clip of their performance on Top of the Pops.

A1460I1 Scene23Joshaw
Next week on Where Are They Now: Scene 23 (just kidding)

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Reader Comments

lol, who gives a fucking shit?

Posted by Steve.

If you think we're going to talk about anything that anyone actually cares about, you are SO at the wrong web site.

Posted by Scaramouch.

I guess their post-Popstars is probably still more exciting than my life chasing after three kids.

On a side note, that guy pictured from Scene 23 (Josh Henderson) is in a new series "Over There" about soldiers in Iraq. He may have the biggest success after Popstars.

Posted by Cindy.

I read an interview is some Latina magazine with Rosanna Tavarez about a year ago and that there labeled dropped a few acts including them and rather than shop around looking for a label the girls decided to quit. Glad to see Nicole has been blowin up with Pussycat Dolls this year I have heard great things about Ivette's one woman show I just wish she would take a shot at films she is such a sweetheart.

It's a shame they didn't work out clearly a case of a band commercially and creatively who were still profitable but absolutely had no idea what direction to go.

Posted by Nate Dogg.

who gives a fuckin a shit????fuckers i do..i love nicole...nicole if u can hear me..pls pls pls email me..

Posted by stan.

Is this the show that Kely Clarkson originally auditioned for and didn't make it or something? I can't find much about her time there...

She's probably pretty thankful that she didn't win :-P

Posted by Adam.