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Where Are They Now - The Sidekicks


Here's to the second bananas of the world. For every Fred, Yogi or Quick Draw, there was a Barney, Boo Boo or Babalooey willing to add comic support. They usually didn't get the girl, and rarely stopped the bad guy. But without their antics to add perspective, we'd never realize just how cool the hero was.

So what's up with some of the classic sidekicks from decades gone by? Read on...

Tubbs - Philip Michael Thomas
Crockett always got the bad guy, but Tubbs had style. After Miami Vice ended in '89, Mr. Thomas basically fell off the face of the planet. In the early 90's, he was one of the first few to "embrace" the psychic tv phenomena (supposedly to the tune of about 12 million dollars) And like Don Johnson, he also tried his hand at singing, (with just about as much success). He does have five daughters from three different relationships, so that probably keeps him busy.

Barney Fife - Don Knotts
Sherriff Taylor had the smarts, but Deputy Fife had the muscle, if they arrested a pack of girl scouts maybe. Lovable old Don Knotts has been around for about a thousand years now. Of course, he went on to play Mr. Furley on Three's Company, and starred in a bunch of Disney flicks with Tim Conway. Now, back in his hometown of Morganville, West Virginia, he's been honored with a Don Knotts Film Festival, and had the first star in the West Virginia Walk of Fame. (It's more of short stroll, really)

Hutch - David Soul
Starsky and Hutch...sexually ambiguous crimefighters of the seventies. Hutch moved to England years ago, and we hadn't heard much from him until Ben Stiller's remake last year. But get this. he's currently the lead in the London Theatre production of Jerry Springer, The Musical. Looks a little like him, doesn't he?

Lacey - Tyne Daly
Tyne Daly hasn't gone anywhere. She's one of the only sidekicks that actually became more famous as she got older. She's been all over the LifeTime Channel, she's played the mom on Judging Amy for the past six years, and she has five (yes five) emmy awards. Sharon Gless, aka Cagney, has also stuck around but hasn't had nearly the success of her sidekick. Horray, sidekicks.

Trapper - Wayne Rogers
Trapper and Hawkeye were one of the funniest teams in sitcom history. MASH definitely jumped the shark when he and McLean Stevenson left. After the show, Wayne continued in TV movies for over a decade. Now an avid businessman, he founded the investment firm Rogers & Company, and occasionally appears on the Fox News channel's Cashin' In. I've actually seen him a few times, and he looks like the same old Trapper, only richer.

Agarn - Larry Storch
Anyone remember Corporal Agarn and Sgt. O'Rourke? F Troop was the only sitcom where the indians would rip off the white men, (that's how casinos were born, kids) and Agarn and O'Rourke helped them do it. I wouldn't have mentioned Larry on this list, but last week I saw The Aristocrats, and there he was. (Funny, too) These days, Larry spends most of his time in touring theatre, and as spokesman for the weird looking old guy society.

Oscar Goldman - Richard Anderson
I would've bet serious money that Oscar Goldman had gone to the OSI office in the sky, but a quick check on IMDB shows I was very wrong. (sorry about that, Mr. Anderson) After playing chaperone to the bionic one, he landed roles on Knight Rider and Dynasty. He helped produce a few six million dollar reunion movies in the 80's and 90's. And I think he was going to be one of the producers of the Jim Carrey remake, but that appears to have gone bye bye. Mr. Anderson has also been a longtime spokesman for the Kiplinger Newsletter.

Jon - Larry Wilcox
Also known as "the other guy" on CHiPs, rumor has it Larry Wilcox and Eric Estrada never really got along. They must have been civil about it though, because they reunited in 1998 for CHiPs'99. For a while, Larry went the TV Movie route, including a really bad remake of the Dirty Dozen in 1985. Aside from showbiz, he's been married and divorced quite a few times, run theatre production and software companies, and also went into pharmaceuticals.

Mindy - Pam Dawber
Your first tv series out of the gate, and you have to play straight man to Robin Williams. How's that for a challenge. After Mork & Mondy ended in 1982. Pam Dawber continued in TV series and movies. She married actor Mark Harmon in 1987, they have two sons and live in Santa Monica. She teaches art, and occasionally sings with a full orchestra. (and she's still pretty hot)

Robin - Burt Ward
And the king of the sidekicks, Adam West's Batman wouldn't be the same without his old chum. After he hung up the tights, he worked in a slew of B movies, with titles like Assault of the Party Nerds 2. In 1995 he published a book based on his crusader experiences, Boy Wonder, My Life in Tights. These days, Burt Ward creates his own movie magic with his Los Angeles visual effects company, Boy Wonder Visual Effects. And he hasn’t given up his do-gooder ways, as he also runs a Great Dane rescue mission out of his home

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Just to let you know, Don Knotts lives in MorganTOWN West Virginia, not Morganville. Do your research dummy.

said AngelAtDisney on August 16, 2005 6:48 AM.

Thanks for that vital information...

said 999 on August 16, 2005 10:00 PM.

So what if Don knotts lives in Morgantown and not Morganville, i dont see you Researching all of this and posting it for the world... I am sure you have made many typos yourself and I'm sure this guy had the right town in mind but his fingers had another plan.

said noone on August 21, 2005 2:53 AM.

Like anyone gives a $@$# about WV town names. Well, I guess theres no excuse for getting them wrong, there is only 2 and one of them is a pig farm.

said No one cares. on August 22, 2005 12:04 PM.

There *AM* only 2... Get yer gramma right. And yer grampa.

said Ta ta la la on December 16, 2005 10:28 PM.

this is the coolest site ever!!!

said bigguns0 on March 5, 2006 6:48 PM.

Yes, yes it is.

said Scaramouch on March 5, 2006 9:28 PM.

don knotts is no longer with us he passed away early this year

said bigman on July 20, 2006 3:40 AM.
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