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Kat Does NoLa

Posted by on August 29, 2005.

capt.ladm13608292345.hurricane_katrina_ladm136.jpg capt.ladm13808292345.hurricane_katrina_ladm138.jpg
lady lamia

building next door collapsed. this may go soon wall missing big cracks. fun trip love you
raven on a writing desk
As a courtesy to women fleeing Hurricane Katrina, we will offer one free cycle (one month) of birth control or one free Emergency Contraception kit to women presenting to a PPHSET clinic with a valid Louisiana or Mississippi driver's license.
planned parenthood
THere were times the place was shaking like I was riding a train. My nice safe attic turned into storm central. The big window blew out right when the winds and storming was the worst. I ended up getting cut up something nasty on my hands and face as I tried to board it back over. But I got it.
The situation is such that if you flush a toilet in this city, chances are your flush is going to come out of someone else's sink. We're being told not to turn on any water at all, because it's all a mess and we're likely to get sewage. Pumping stations are not online yet.

I'm going crazy wondering if I'm going to have a house to go home to!

I'm in Tallahasse Flordia now. Ive evacuated for Katrina. Were not sure if our house is still there but ill be sure to keep you updated
a day in the life of a popular girl
Katrina completely washed Steve's house away today. I mean COMPLETELY. There’s nothing left at all.
I couldn't even sleep in my room cause the wind was coming from the south and kept rattling the plywood. My room was literally shaking and the door kept hitting the frame.
I am actually very surprised that my house and my cats survived Katrina. There was a dead tree in my yard that I totally expected to fall onto my house. And my cats area all just dumb.
stop breathe go
Just to let everyone know. I am OK. I dont have electricity at this moment. So AIM is out of the questions. But I am at my friends that lives 2 minutes away, and SHE has power.
doned kitty

things have been pretty silent for webloggers in New Orleans, presumably because power and phonelines took another hit during the storm's departure

don’t know if we’ll have electricity and if we don’t how long it will be until it’s restored so I will be in touch when I can be. We’re planning to try and get home first thing in the morning provided that one of the two bridges into the westbank is open.
'no sewage, no drinking water, contamination, threat of rapid increase in mosquitoes, roads are impassible, downed power lines everywhere, trees, debris from houses in the roads, no way to go shopping, no gas.' The water also has dislodged thousands of snakes -- including poisonous water moccasins -- from their homes, as well as fire ants.
boggles, bungles and greed
There is no joy greater than losing power when you are wrist deep in your daughter's stinky diaper
gberg nation
So, due to Hurrican Katrina a tornado hit Carroll County (about 30 miles from ATL)... The tornado took out about 30 houses and like 5 chicken houses. Unable to control myself, I busted out laughing. Could you imagine, tornado sirens going off, you are running towards the storm shelter, you look up to see this massive twister and SMACK you get sideswiped by a chicken and then all about you feathers and beaks, whipping about. Chickens are flying through the air willy nilly!!! CHICKENS! EVERYWHERE! Those poor, poor chickens. The only way they were ever going to fly is in that tornado... maybe they all got their last wishes... to just... fly....
this crazy life
I hope I don't get blown away tomorrow when I walk to class lol... I'm sick again with sinis problems.
Keep track of what's happening with Hurricane Katrina and college football here at

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