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Where Are They Now - The Bad News Bears

Posted by Jellio on July 21, 2005.


I'm sure everyone knows Billy Bob's remake of the Bad News Bears comes out this weekend, and it actually looks pretty good. Thorton busts out his Bad Santa character and beans a bunch of little punks in the head...what's not to like?

Thing is, I was watching the original for about the 200th time last Sunday (which is freaking great) and I was wondering where everyone is today, so I did a little digging...

Morris Buttermaker - Coach
Amnda Wurlitzer - Pitcher

Of course, the great Walter Matthau passed away in 2000. Oscar Madison was one of the best. Tatum O'Neal has continued sporadically in TV and films. I recently saw her on the game show network...somewhere Johnny Mac is smilin'.

Coach Turner - Opposing coach
Councilman Whitewood - Reluctant benefactor

Saddly, Vic Morrow and Ben Piazza have passed away. Mr. Morrow died in an infamous helicopter accident during the filming of the Twilight Zone movie.

Engleberg - Catcher "Why does everyone always pick on the fat kid?"
Gary Lee Cavagnaro is a sales manager in Dallas. He didn't play Engleberg in the second movie because he lost a ton of weight. When they asked him to pork up again, he told them to fuck off.

Rudy Stein - Left field "I don't want to get hit by the hurts"
David Pollock's loaded. He owns a company called RocketDyne. Apparently baseball isn't rocket science.

Ogilvie - Statistician "Techinically, other than Timmy Lupus I'm probably the worst player in this league."
Alfred Lutter went on to play the son in the series Alice. Now he's CEO of a company called NetChemistry.

Kelly Leak - Center field "I ride a Harley Davidson. That turn you on? Harley Davidson?"
Jackie Earle Haley was probably the most famous of the bunch with Breaking Away. Now he runs a production company in San Antonio.

Ahmad Abdul Rahim - Right Field "Buttermaker, don't give me any of your honky bullshit."
Erin Blunt's a DJ in Carmen, California.

And finally...

Timmy Lupus - Bench "And another thing...just wait til next year."
Quinn Smith is an illustrator in Los Angeles. He says he was alot like his character.

Tanner Boyle - Shortstop "Jews, wops, n%ggers, spics and now a girl?"
Chris Barnes pulled a Mike Nesmith all these years. He doesn't talk about Tanner, or make appearances. This site explains.

And just so you know, finding all this wasn't that tough. I found a site that worships all things Bear related.
My thanks goes to them.

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Reader Comments

Does anyone know whatever happened to Kirk Calloway, the actor who played "Baby D", from the 1976 movie "The Monkey Hu$tle"?

Posted by spoonette.