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Where are they now - Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory


Inspired by a posting on BoingBoing tonight, plus Jellio's excellent Where are they now - The Bad News Bears, I thought I'd catch up with the main cast members of the original Wonka movie and ask - (dramatic music) - WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

Peter Ostrum - Charlie
After WWATCF, Ostrum was offered a five picture contract but turned it down. Now working as a vet to large farm animals (cow & horses) in rural NY State. Also an occassional marathon runner.

Jack Albertson - Grandpa
A veteran actor of stage and screen, Albertson went on to star in the TV show Chico & The Man. He died in 1981. He was cremated and his ashes scattered at sea.

Roy Kinnear-2
Roy Kinnear - Henry Salt
Kinnear was a much-loved British TV comedy star, and appeared in nearly 100 movies. While filming The Return of the Musketeers in 1989, he fell from his horse, broke his pelvis, and subsequently bled to death.

Julie Dawn Cole - Veruca Salt
The only one of the original five children still acting, Julie has appeared on numerous British TV shows. She also performed in an acclaimed comedy show at the 2004 Melbourne Comedy Festival entitled “The Veruca Salt Sessions”.

04 Kirk And Leonard Stone
Leonard Stone - Sam Beauregarde
In 2000, Stone appeared on The Wheel of Fortune, placing second and winning $4,250 and a trip to Bermuda. Also seen on General Hospital earlier in the year.

Denise Nickerson - Violet Beauregarde
Denise retired from acting in 1978, becoming a Nurse, and then a full-time Mom. She now works as an Accountant in Colorado.

Nora Denney - Mrs. TeeVee
Denney is now retired in the kansas City area. Her sons are the founders of the LA-based punk band, The Weirdos.

Paris Themmen - Mike TeeVee
Paris is still connected to the entertainment business, working with casting directors, as well as taking bit parts in movies such as The Doors and The Big Lebowski.

Ursula Reit - Mrs Gloop
man, I'm being thorough here. Ursula died in 1998 in her native Germany.

Gloop, AugustusReu994
Michael Bollner - Augustus Gloop
WWATCF was Bollner's only movie. He now works as a tax accountant in Germany.

Diana Sowle - Charlie's Mom
Sowle lives with her husband in the Washington DC area where she is still active as a theater actress.

Aubrey Woods - Bill, the Candy Store Owner
Star of many British TV shows, including Dr. Who, Woods has not acted in many years, but I believe he is still alive in England, and mixing it with love to make the world taste good.

David Battley - Mr. Turkentine
Another British comedy staple, who appeared in Monty Python, Benny Hill and Mr. Bean, Battley died of a heart attack in 2003.

Günter Meisner - Slugworth
After a long and illustrious acting career in his native Germany that lasted right up until his death, Meisner passed away in 1994 in Berlin.

Phew - man that took forever, can we just take Gene Wilder as read?

(Oh, and if you are wondering why so many of these are German - as are many of the actors in the smaller roles, it's because the movie itself was shot in Germany, and I'm guessing it was easier to recruit local talent)

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Just a note that Roy Kinnear is the father of the ex-Talk Soup originator and recently the Siamese Twin to Matt Damon, the very funny and talented Greg Kinnear.

said Matt L. on January 21, 2007 4:48 PM.

According to imdb.com and the smell test, Roy Kinnear was NOT the father of Greg Kinnear.

said Gary on February 19, 2007 1:44 PM.
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