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Posted by Scaramouch on July 09, 2005.


A special Asian edition of Saturday Night at the Movies, (or 映画の土曜日夜 in Japanese according to the Google translation). This crop of trailers are not exclusively Japanese - some, I believe, are Korean. Invariably, the text accompanying the clips is Kanji or some other language I have no hope of translating, so I know very little about most of them except the title. But that's probably what makes them all so interesting. A wide variety of formats too, so take your pick.

  • Whoever knew a haunted wig could be so scary. The Wig (WMV)
  • I'm not sure, but this one may be about the terror of living with Psoriasis. Death Make (QT)
  • Kamikaze Girls tells the story of a girl born 200 years too late. (Real, WMV)
  • Poltergeist meets Friday 13th, with a little Tim Burton thrown in. Madara no shôjo (QT)
  • A trailer that gets very weird towards the end, Sakigake!! Cromartie High School - The Movie is based on the Manga of the same name (Real, WMV)
  • This one has a slight Peter Greenaway feel to it. Warai No Gaigaku (QT)
  • Rugby. A Dead Poet's Society type school. A Bonnie Tyler Soundtrack. And Japanese. Wild! School Wars (QT)
  • Fantastic Four? Pfft. Reed Richards, move over, because, from the Phlllipines, here comes Lastikman (WMV)
  • An evil Santa delivers a Present to remember (QT)
  • Not sure if this is a movie or a video cut scene - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (QT)
  • Big budget, historical - this is my kind of Asian movie. One Year in the North (QT)


(Oh, and while not strictly a movie, this does come direct from China: The reason I'm posting this early is because today (Saturday) at 5pm EST, skateboarder Danny Way will attempt to jump the Great Wall of China, so settle in and watch a live feed of his potential wipe-out here.)

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