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KC Armstrong - The YesButNoButYes Interview

Posted by Jellio on June 24, 2005.


I mentioned this a couple days ago. Next week Aquaman and I will kick off a new series of interviews for YesBut, starting with a former member of the Howard Stern Show - KC Armstrong. Now, if you're not a Stern fan, you probably have no idea who this guy is, so here's a description pulled right from the enclyclopedia site - Wikipedia.

Kyle Casey Armstrong was an associate producer and sometimes on-air personality on The Howard Stern Show. In 2004, Armstrong took personal leave from the show for an undisclosed reason. According to on-air comments made by Stern on April 22, 2005, Armstrong is now working in California trying to start a career in acting.

Armstrong disgraced himself during the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City, when Stern stayed on the air with his cast/crew while many other broadcasters fled the city. Crew member K.C. Armstrong was the notable exception, as he left the city immediately and refused to return for several days. Mr. Stern and the rest of the cast/crew continued to broadcast over the subsequent days following the disaster.

Armstrong was fired from the Howard Stern Show in mid 2004, when it was discovered he made up a story on air about winning and then losing $300,000 on the site as a way to promote the gambling site on air.

Little harsh for an encyclopedia entry, don't you think? And that last part about Golden Palace (another frequent subject around here)has actually never been confirmed. Read our exclusive interview by clicking here

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