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KC Armstrong Interview - The Final Chapter

Posted by Jellio on June 29, 2005.


Hey everybody, this is the big day...why did KC leave the Howard Stern show.

Check out parts one and two if you like. OR skip ahead to the good part NOW!

Jellio: Let’s just get into it. A lot of people want to know. You were a big part of the show for seven-and-a-half years. You went to their Vegas trips. You did a lot of the interviews. And then one day you’re gone, right when people are getting really wrapped up in your whole gambling problem and everything. Now whenever it comes up, Howard doesn’t say ‘Boo’ about it. So, from KC, what was the deal behind you leaving the show? Go ahead. Here’s your full opportunity.

KC: Well…I didn’t leave. I got fired.

Jellio: Why?

KC: Basically, you know, if you listen to the show, you basically heard me self-destruct over the years. And towards the end, it got real bad. I mean, I admitted to having hallucinations, and then they
started with the medication, all of this trying to fix the depression. And all this other stuff. And then you combine that with drugs and alcohol. And I went to rehab. The loony bin. And after that, I went to an outpatient, and the kicker was I had to stay clean, and I didn’t. So, immediately, when I screwed up, Tom got on the phone and fired me.

Jellio: Who did?

KC: Tom.

Jellio: After you got out of rehab, and you didn’t stay clean, Tom called you and fired you?

KC: Right. And Howard had nothing to do with it – I don’t work for him.

Jellio: He didn’t have any say?

KC: No – I’m not hired by him.

Jellio: Were you coming in late? Were you missing days of work?

KC: Towards the end, it was just…I had missed some days. Then when I checked into Payne Whitney, the mental hospital, which is fucking unbelievable – it was just, you know, losing your freedom is fucked up. Because once you’re there, you can’t leave.

Jellio: Where’s that?

KC: That was my fear…It’s the loony bin.

Jellio: In what state?

KC: New York.

Jellio: OK.

KC: You can’t leave. You know, they have to…it’s basically a jail. So, what I did was, I slept about 22 hours out of the day.

Jellio: When you say loony bin, this was actually a mental health facility that you checked yourself into?

KC: Well yeah, I went, thinking I could leave at any time. But once I got in there, they said I couldn’t leave.

Jellio: Was it more drug rehab, or a mental health facility?

KC: No, it’s a mental hospital. They deal with substance abuse.

Jellio: Wow. Right in the city?

KC: Right in the city. I would suggest to anyone – get your shit straight. Do not go to one of those places. The scariest thing is losing your freedom.

Jellio: How long were you in there?

KC: I was there, for, I think over a week.

Jellio: So they gave you some time off from the show, you went in there, and afterwards, it didn’t take, and Tom said that’s it, you’re done.

KC: No, after that I was required to go to an outpatient, which was from 6 to 8 every night.

Jellio: Was it blow?

KC: No, no, no. It was everything – the main thing was the depression, and trying to fix that with drugs, alcohol and gambling. And then…

Jellio: Now, you mentioned gambling. You know what the rumor was – you worked a deal with Golden Palace behind the station’s back.

KC: Yeah, there couldn’t be a bigger bunch of bullshit. You know, the reason why that makes me angry is I fucking lost that money.

Jellio: You really did? You really blew that entire…

KC: It makes me sick, too.

Jellio: How much was it?

KC: $330,000.

Jellio: You won $330,000 and you did seriously lose it?

KC: Fuck yeah. I lost it in, I think, a month.

Aquaman: Well that explains the depression part.

KC: Yeah, exactly.

Jellio: Yeah. I’m a little bummed out right now.

KC: Every time something would bother me, I would wait for…you know, I wanted to blow my brains out. The only thing that would distract me was drinking, drugs and then gambling. I would just forget about shit for a while.

Jellio. Once Howard found out about it – he had to hear about this from Tom – how did he take it? What did he say to you?

KC: I don’t know. I think what he’s doing is he’s really just being a good friend and a good guy by not talking about it. Because I think what they’re doing is by him not talking about it, if I wanted to get a job somewhere else, something like that, I mean that probably doesn’t look good.

Jellio: But now, because a lot of people who cared about you were asking about it, you’re putting it out on your DVD.

KC: I was really touched. I was totally touched by it. And it totally renewed my faith in people when I thought they were all fucking insects.

Jellio: He is watching your back by not talking about it.

KC: I think so. I think that’s what it’s about. I could be wrong. I don’t know. All I can tell you is I’ve got nothing bad to say about him. I just think he’s a great guy. He gave me an opportunity for seven years, and I’ve got nothing but great things to say about him.

Jellio: One last thing on this topic and then we’ll get off it. You mentioned September 11th was part of it.

KC: Yeah, it was fucked up even back then. When he said that we could leave, I went home and…

Jellio: He busted your chops about it.

KC: Yeah. This is how bad it was, even back then. The minute somebody said I could leave work, I was gone. And this is a horrible fucking thing to say, and I’m ashamed of it, but as soon as I got home, I turned on the horse racing channel. It was a day off. It was a snow day. And I started drinking and doing all this other bullshit. Then I found out that the track got cancelled, so then I went home.

Jellio: So if the track hadn’t been cancelled on September 11th, you just would have continued drinking…

KC: In my apartment. Drank and gambled.

Jellio: Are you over it?

KC: Yeah. You know what it is, man? Again, that’s probably why it’s good that I work this much. Because, again, another distraction. We all have distractions.

Jellio: Absolutely. Well, you sound a lot better, man. You’ve got the DVD and the comedy. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on, which is really good to hear.

KC: It’s really good. And the thing that got me over it was, I came out to start over, I promised my family and my girlfriend I’d go to a rehab that was in-house. You know what I mean? Somewhere warm. So I came out here, and went into Newport Coast Recovery, which has got people working there that are just fucking saints. People are great. They care about people. And, you know, they’ll show you it doesn’t have to be that way. And I’m still seeing – there’s a doctor that really helped me out, too – he ran a bunch of tests and found out that I had depleted…the depression had eaten away every ounce of testosterone that I had. Yeah, hormones were all fucked up. And everything. But they leveled me out with all that shit.

Basically, I want to thank my family. All the people who showed me their support. Those fucking letters. And those e-mails. I didn’t expect any of that.

Jellio: That’s cool. We’ll see if we can’t get some more on the site when we post this story. This has been great.


That's the story folks. Pretty cool, right? I gotta hand it to him, If you're a Howard fan, you know that sometimes KC came off as the fraternity guy who got off on ragging on anyone in striking distance. But we all grow up, and it's how we handle the real world that shows what we're made of. Props KC, and good luck! You're dealing with some serious issues, and it takes guts to do that.

To anyone out there reading this, for only the cost of feeding a family in Somalia for a month, you could buy a dvd with naked chicks and guys farting, and we'll all be one step closer to proving to Tom Cruise that anti-depression drugs really work.

And, if you want to listen to some of the interview itself, check out an 8 minute edited excerpt we've put together for our audioblog.


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  • Reader Comments

    I'm fisting myself right now as I read this article... No joke.

    Posted by Winst.

    Great read! Good to finally unravel the mystery of "whatever happened to KC?"

    Love your blog as well. I also post about Stern on my blog 'Dogmatic' which can be found at

    Posted by JR.

    If KC doesn't think Tom fired him only under Sterns order and Sterns consent, hes a fool.

    Howard Stern fired KC, fucked him.

    Howard Stern told his fans nothing about this, fucked them.

    Howard Stern fucks everyone, and always passes the blame.

    Posted by Debra Stern.

    Jesus Christ, someone's bitter...

    Posted by fyarl.

    Well, finally answered!
    i'm waiting for someone to bring it up on the show to howard, and see what happens.

    thanks kc for finally telling your side.


    Posted by jerry co.

    Just wanted to wish KC the best!!! He made us laugh every morning and it is great to finally hear that he is the one laughing and enjoying life!!! Keep your head up...

    Posted by Tim.

    thats pretty crazy... i hope kc is alright... i don't think howard effed him... i think tom effed him, but it was likely a business decision. kc doesn't seem bitter.. so thats good

    Posted by wow.

    Heard KC on the show this morn. Poor bastard. He'll be dead soon !! cool dude but man, what a poor bastard !! kisses to all.

    Posted by spike owen.

    I feel for KC. I had a drug and depression problem 8 years ago. I have my shit together now
    ;it is a long road. Of course people care about you, dude. Hang the fuck in there.

    Posted by Don.

    I want to know how that guy can fist himself

    Posted by Megro.

    He's a goner. He'll do himself in soon. He;s just afraid to come clean and just be with men. He'll o.d. real soon, trust me, man !!

    Posted by lance armstrong.

    I agree, KC will die soon and I also agree that Howard could haved saved him or hired him back or whatever. Peace to all

    Posted by whacko jacko.

    Howard gets scared and affraid around unstable people, Tom was the axeman but howard knew all about it and he was also affraid of being sued about talking about this poor SOBs problems and his termination on the air. KC ....what a jerk off, believe it was just Tom you dumb as a bag of hammers body building Fairy. Oh yea, hope you get better, cause it was fun radio with you on the air bro. peace

    Posted by Jackie Martling.

    KC will be dead in a few years. And nobody even mentioned the fact that Tom found KC cutting himself in his appartment and doing it over a bible. Yikes.

    Posted by Jason.

    Love, love, love you KC.... in that gay sort of way.
    Now get your head cleaned up. You are one funny dude.

    Posted by Okra Winfrey.

    Stern, KC and all the other idiots on this show are all about the $$$. If KC doesn't get consistent,daily help soon. he'll do himself faster then a NY minute

    Posted by Bubba Bucnutz.

    KC I think it really took alot of courage and real
    guts to get the help you needed and too get your career back! I miss you on the show Can't wait to get your DVD "That's Hot " and so are you!
    Keep taking good care of yourself you will make it I look forward to seeing you in more movies!
    love and hugs Julie

    Posted by Julie.

    I dont feel sorry for KC at all. With all of the opportunity and advantage he had, millions of men would have love to have been in his place. Ungrateful bastard could have banged the amazingly super hot Andrea Miss Howard Stern. Im so jealous and would have done anything to have a chance with her. He never appreciated what he had. Poor ingrate.

    Posted by Jeff.

    The real question is did the faggot take it up the ass or smoke the pole.

    Posted by foxtrot.

    KC Ass

    Posted by Kunt Creme.

    K.C. says that the doctor ran tests and he had no testosterone left, that the depression ate it all up. BULLHOCKEY, when you take roids your body tries to balance out and your body produces less and less testosterone....this is common knowledge in the bodybuilding medical community. This is what leads a lot of Roid users to depressions which is exactly what K.C. got... depression and reduced testasterone... thats THEE definition of roid use.

    Posted by John McGeaver.