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KC Armstrong Interview - Part Two

[Did you miss Part One? Don't forget to check out KC's DVD, Die Laughing.]

Today we'll cover some of KC's favorite moments from the show. Come back tomorrow for answers to questions you're probably not asking, but have to admit you're curious about -- why isn't KC on the show anymore, and what does he think of Howard?

Jellio: Let’s go back to some recollections from the Stern Show. You were there for a few years.

KC: Yeah, like seven, seven-and-a-half years.

Jellio: Was it that long? What were some of your favorite moments on the show?

KC: Pam Anderson came in and they were tickling her. And the chains weren’t working right. So, I was there holding the microphone, and I got to hold her legs down. I got to touch that broad!

(Pamaler Anderson)

Jellio: Did you ever get to talk with her or hang out with her with a bunch of people after the show?

KC: Oh, no. Never. Never.

Jellio: How about some of the other chicks from the show?

KC: No, no. I…no, never. Never. I didn’t really have much of a…

Jellio: You know who was incredibly into you?

KC: Whodat?

Jellio: You remember Miss Howard Stern?

KC: Oh yeah, of course. Sweetheart.

(Miss Howard Stern)

Jellio: She couldn’t stop talking about you. But you weren’t having any of it.

KC: Nah.

Jellio: She was a hottie. Not too bright, but she was attractive.

KC: Never shit where you eat.

Jellio: That’s right. Here was an interesting time. The AJ Benza-John fight. And you were actually right in the middle of it.

aj.jpg StutteringJohnMelendez.jpg
(AJ vs. SJ)

KC: Yeah, I do remember that. It kind of just came out of nowhere. I remember just sitting there at my desk, and John was just being John, and all of a sudden he smacked him. I guess it’s just like an instinct. It just happens. You know what I mean? You know people weren’t supposed to be fighting there. So I just tried to break it up. Didn’t want anybody to get hurt. That’s all.

Jellio: Were you actually security?

KC: You know what, man? That’s funny. They used to say sometimes, ‘Oh, don’t worry about it. Kace will come in and help out.’ That’s not my fucking job, you know what I mean?

Jellio: They made it seem like you and Ronnie the Limo Driver were security.

KC: No, no. Ronnie is. That’s his job. That’s what he does for a living. And he knows his shit. I wouldn’t fuck with that dude.

("I wouldn't fuck with that dude")

Jellio: Oh really?

KC: Yeah, he knows his shit, that guy. And he’s a good dude, too. I love Ronnie.

Jellio: Did the limo sell?

KC: You know what, man? I don’t know anything about it, because I don’t listen to the show anymore.

Jellio: Another moment from the show. What was it like on September 11?

KC: Yeah that has to do – we should probably answer that [later], because it all goes together [with why I'm not on the show anymore].

Jellio: OK, what is it like working with Beetlejuice?

KC: Working with Beetle is very interesting. Sometimes you think that he likes you. And the next time you see him, he doesn’t know who you are.

Jellio: Yeah. He forgets, right?

KC: But you know what? He’s smarter than you think.

Jellio: Really?

KC: Yeah, I think he just does that so people don’t bother him. He doesn’t like to be bothered a lot of the time. We used to do a lot of gigs together. It was great doing gigs with him, because I wouldn’t have to do shit.

Jellio: He’d be the whole show.

KC: Yeah, he’s captivating. I’d just sit there and just watch him go. It was great – I’d just be talking to the fans, and stuff like that.

Jellio: Let’s just get into it. A lot of people want to know. You were a big part of the show for seven-and-a-half years. You went to their Vegas trips. You did a lot of the interviews. And then one day you’re gone, right when people are getting really wrapped up in your whole gambling problem and everything. Now whenever it comes up, Howard doesn’t say ‘Boo’ about it. So, from KC, what was the deal
behind you leaving the show? Go ahead. Here’s your full opportunity...

And now, on to part three, where we find out why KC isn't on the Stern Show anymore, and also exactly what he thinks of Howard.

Check out KC's new DVD, Die Laughing.

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