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Virtual Stripper

Posted by Scaramouch on May 11, 2005.


I guess the only thing we should be surprised about is that it took this long...

(NSFW in case you hadn't guessed that already)

So many people are arriving at this site looking for a full list of commands, I figured I might as well go ahead and give all you perverts exactly what you want:

  • dance
  • lap dance
  • pull down pants
  • angry
  • strip naked
  • bend over
  • trick
  • topless
  • hair
  • rub your tits
  • lips
  • i love you
  • what's your phone number?
  • juggle
  • tongue
  • kiss me
  • rockout
  • russell
  • flex
  • orgasm
  • ice cream
  • whip cream
  • banana
  • clubexpose541
  • clubexpose402
  • clubexpose213
  • clubexpose124
  • clubexpose545
  • clubexpose906
  • clubexpose787
  • clubexpose598
  • fight
  • grind
  • count
  • sleep with me

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Reader Comments

Can someone get moving on a good working list of commands for this one?

Posted by Evil Richard.

Rich, your wish is my command. Full list of commands added.

Posted by Scaramouch.

has nobody heard of the one of the lads car wash. Check it out.

Posted by Demented90.

its not u know why? it just has the loading sign and never finishes....

Posted by mark.

not load whats happening

Posted by cristobal.

hey it dont load!!!!, i want to see her naked!! jajajajja

Posted by juan.

It aint loading for me either...

Posted by non-shalant.

how come the virtural stripper doesn't load? when will it load?

Posted by jp.

y wont it load???

Posted by Jason.

it loads for me and i got a pc win98 and its slow for 1.

Posted by gobbo.

how come virtual strippr wont load

Posted by bob.

No, LOAD! god i have f-ing Vista on my com

Posted by Joe.

It's not loading for me either and i have tried it on 2 different computers in my house, suggesting that it might not be the computers :S
But hey, it still might be, im no genius! I just want to see this hot chick dance!

Posted by Scott.

Wont load because of newest Flash, have to use older flash for it to work.

Posted by Nick.

is there any way to pla it without older flash? or to obtain it?

Posted by someguy.



(Use VS 2)

Posted by Some Guy.

waht the website i dont know

Posted by yoyo.


Posted by Try these codes.